Unreleased Intel Itanium 9500-series CPUs spotted

Last December we reported that the next generation of Intel Itanium processors, codenamed "Poulson", will be available this quarter. We don't have any new information on the launch schedule, however we spotted a few unknown Itanium CPUs, possibly Poulson parts, in Intel's Product Change Notification (PCN). The document (PDF file) was published yesterday, and it notifies customers about CPU tray design modification. It also provides a list of affected processors, including Xeon E7, Itanium 9300 series, and previously unheard of Itanium 9500 series:

Model numbers,
Frequency, OEM part numbers and s-spec number of Itanium 9500

The listed processors have model numbers 9520, 9540, 9550 and 9560. So far 9xxx numbers were used only for Itanium products, which is why we concluded that new chips belong to Itanium family. Part numbers and S-spec numbers of these CPUs are unknown. The part numbers have "80631" product code, which is a new code, that was not used by any other Intel processor. Overall, we feel that the chances are good that these 4 SKUs are long anticipated Poulson-based Itaniums. According to the PCN, they will be clocked from 1.73 GHz for Itanium 9520, and up to 2.53 GHz for Itanium 9560.

Processor numberPart numberS-spec numberFrequency
9520CM8063101049806SR0SZ1.73 GHz
9540CM8063101049718SR0T02.13 GHz
9550CM8063101049807SR0SY2.4 GHz
9560CM8063101049716SR0T12.53 GHz

Some other details on upcoming Itanium parts were disclosed by Intel last year. The processors will be produced on 32nm process, and will have 8 cores, 32 MB of last level cache, and support Hyper-Threading technology. The CPUs will add Instruction Replay Technology, and new instructions, and will be compatible with existing Itanium 9300 series offerings.

Update (June 16): Yesterday Intel published updated version of the same PCN document, which contains a revised list of affected products. The list no longer includes Itanium 9520, 9540, 9550 and 9550 microprocessors.

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Comments: 2


2012-08-26 07:02:49
Posted by: vezhlys

There is typo in last sentence "The list no longer includes Itanium 9520, 9540, 9550 and 9550 microprocessors.". 9550 model mentioned two times. I guess it should be "and 9560".


2012-11-09 07:02:58
Posted by: Anton

Now Itanium 9300/9500 series are released.

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