Spotted 9500-series CPUs confirmed to be "Poulson" Itaniums

Two weeks ago 4 unreleased chips were spotted in Intel's Product Change Notification. The CPUs with 9520, 9540, 9550 and 9560 processor numbers had S-spec and part numbers that we couldn't identify at the time. Based on 9xxx processor numbers, we suspected that they were forthcoming Itanium chips, codenamed "Poulson". Recent update of Intel's Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database confirmed our suspicion. During update, large number of Poulson S-Spec and QDF numbers were added to the MDDS database, and only four of them are production models:

Part and S-spec numbers of Intel Poulson CPUs

As can be seen from the list, microprocessors with CM8063101049716 / SR0T1, CM8063101049806 / SR0SZ, CM8063101049718 / SR0T0, and CM8063101049807 / SR0SY part and spec numbers are based on POULSON-8 die. They match 4 part and S-specs numbers from the PCN, which confirms that the 9520, 9540, 9550 and 9560 CPUs are not yet released Itanium "Poulson" chips. The PCN also listed clock speeds for all 4 CPUs, ranging from 1.73 GHz and up to 2.53 GHz. Intel previously disclosed that the "Poulson" chips will have 8 Hyper-threaded cores, 32 MB of last level cache, 2 integrated memory controllers, and 4 full and 2 partial QPI links. The Itaniums will incorporate several new instructions, and feature new reliability features. The processors were expected to launch in the second quarter 2012. Known information about specific Itanium models is provided below:

Processor numberPart numberS-spec numberFrequency
9520CM8063101049806SR0SZ1.73 GHz
9540CM8063101049718SR0T02.13 GHz
9550CM8063101049807SR0SY2.4 GHz
9560CM8063101049716SR0T12.53 GHz

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