Intel launches third generation Core i3 mobile CPUs

Focus Taiwan earlier this month reported that Core i3 microprocessors, based on Ivy Bridge microarchitecture, will be available after June 24. This information was confirmed by Intel's Taiwan branch, although it wasn't clear whether this applied to desktop or mobile market segments, or both of them. Intel indeed launched "Ivy Bridge" Core i3 CPUs earlier this week, but only for mobile market. Two new processors are Core i3-3110M for mainstream notebooks, and Ultra-low voltage i3-3217U for light and thin laptops. Details of these CPUs are already available in Intel's product database, and they match preliminary specifications, that we posted in May.

Two new microprocessors have a number of features, common for all Core i3s. The CPUs come with 2 cores, 3 MB L3 cache, on-chip HD 4000 graphics, dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, and DMI 2.0 interface. The chips support Hyper-Threading, Advanced Vector Extensions and SIMD instructions from MMX to SSE4, however they lack Turbo Boost technology and AES instructions.

Core i3-3110M is clocked at 2.4 GHz, on a par with the fastest processor from the second generation of Core i3s. The 3110M is expected to be slightly faster than the 2370M in CPU-intensive tasks due to improved micro-architecture, and have noticeably better graphics. This processor has 35 Watt Thermal Design Power, and is available in BGA and PGA packages.

ULV Core i3-3217U operates at 1.8 GHz. While this number looks low compared to Core i3-3110M, but let's not forget that the 2317U has 17 Watt TDP, which is twice lower. The 1.8 GHz clock speeds looks especially impressive if we take into account that the fastest Sandy Bridge-based Core i3 ULV CPU ran at 1.4 GHz. This processor is available only in BGA package.

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Comments: 4


2012-06-26 18:21:26
Posted by: Scorpion91

Hi.In the processor pages the number of thread is 4 instead of 2. "Core i5-3110M is clocked at 2.4 GHz..." perhaps you mean Core i3-3110M...


2012-06-26 18:38:39
Posted by: gshv

The story was corrected. Thank you!


2012-06-27 04:34:11
Posted by: Scorpion91

Hi.You say that they lack Hyper-Threading... the number of threads may be 2, not 4...


2012-06-27 12:55:30
Posted by: gshv

That part was also corrected yesterday. They do have Hyper-Threading, so they have 4 simultaneous threads.

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