AMD prepares E2-2000 APU

Last month AMD released two low-power Accelerated Processing Units (APU) for netbooks, entry-level notebooks and all-in-one computers. The faster processor from the two was E2-Series E2-1800, which had 50 MHz higher clock speed than its predecessor, E-450. The E2 chip also had better graphics performance, that was due to higher frequency of on-chip GPU. Fudzilla today revealed that even faster E2-2000 processor will be available later this year.

AMD E2-2000 will have the same dual-core "Zacate" design with 1 MB L2 cache, and HD 7340 integrated GPU as the E2-1800. The E2-2000 will be clocked at 1.75 GHz, that is 3% faster than the 1800 APU. Stock and turbo frequencies of on-chip GPU were also increased, to 538 MHz and 700 MHz respectively. The part will support DDR3-1333 memory, fit into 18 Watt thermal envelope, and will be produced in FT1 BGA package. According to Fudzilla, AMD E2-2000 will be released in the 4th quarter 2012.

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Comments: 3

What's the point of this model?

2012-07-03 16:25:40
Posted by: casual observer

50mhz on the CPU and 15mhz on the GPU? That's the exciting new model?

Where is an upgraded C and Z series, where they stay within 9W, but with the smaller nm, they can kick up the megahertz to a more reasonable level? THAT would be an exciting announcement!

Yeah, horrible

2012-07-06 16:02:35
Posted by: tekel

This is the same processor launched on dec 2010 maybe a new stepping but probably the same old one being pushed farther as manufacturing gets mature. AMD is really milking this cow and putting some money only to develop next year's 28nm version which by then will sucede a 2 and a half year older brother.


2012-07-04 04:50:30
Posted by: Spade

I'm waiting for the successor of C-60, hopefully on a more advance manufacturing process (28nm) and lower power envelope while giving higher performance than C-60.

Have been using E-350 and C-50 and very happy with them.

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