Intel Core i3-2308M and i3-2365M CPUs to launch in Q3

At the end of June Intel introduced first Core i3 CPUs with "Ivy Bridge" core, including one mainstream and one ULV part. Introduction of Ivy Bridge SKUs didn't make the previous generation of Core i3s obsolete. Quite to the contrary, the company plans to release new i3 models, built on Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. Two of these models, Core i3-2308M and i3-2365M, are part of small and medium business platform, and they will be available in business-class notebooks.

Both i3-2308M and i3-2365M come with two CPU cores and 3 MB L3 cache, shared between the cores. The processors integrate HD 3000 graphics, and a memory controller, that can work with DDR3-1333 memory. Core i3s support Hyper-Threading and VT-x virtualization. More advanced technologies, like Turbo Boost, VT-d Virtualization, TXT and AES, are disabled on these chips.

Intel i3-2308M runs at 2.1 GHz, and has on-chip graphics unit operating at 650 MHz stock and 1100 MHz Turbo frequencies. The processor is aimed at mainstream notebooks, as such it has 35 Watt TDP and it is manufactured in a PGA package. Feature-wise, the i3-2308M looks almost identical to Core i3-2310M. The difference between them is that the 2308M doesn't support Intel Small Business Advantage (SBA).

Core i3-2365M in many respects is indistinguishable from Intel i3-2367M. Both microprocessors run at 1.4 GHz, and have 17 Watt TDP. Their on-chip GPU is clocked at 350 MHz, and may go as high as 1 GHz. Like the 2308M, the 2365M does not support SBA. Notebooks with this SKU will not qualify for Ultrabook logo.

The Core i3-2308M and i3-2365M CPUs will be released at the beginning of September.

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