Bits and pieces: A4-3450 APU spotted, AMD retires Phenom II CPUs

The first generation of AMD Accelerated Processing Units, based on Llano core, hasn't been refreshed since the beginning of this year. Considering that AMD plans to replace Llano products with "Trinity"-based ones, and that some "Trinity" parts has already been launched, we didn't expect to see new Llano processors. However, recently updated CPU support information for Biostar motherboards revealed new A4-3450 APU. This dual-core processor runs at 2.9 GHz, or 100 MHz faster than OEM-only A4-3420. The A4-3450 also has AD3450OJZ22HX OEM part number, and 65 Watt TDP. If released, this CPU will likely be sold directly to OEM manufacturers, and won't show up in retail.

AMD "Trinity" APUs for mobile market were announced in May 2012, and they originally included two ULV chips, as well as three 35 Watt parts for mainstream notebooks. The fourth 35W APU, A4-4300M, was discovered in June in HP ProBook 4545s and Probook 6475b laptops. This week AMD added specifications of 4300M processor to their product database. The details of the A4-4300M on AMD website match preliminary reports. As a refresher, this APU has two CPU cores with 1 MB L2 cache, and 2.5 GHz clock frequency. The A4-Series 4300M supports Turbo Core feature, which may boost its frequency up to 3 GHz. The APU integrates HD 7420 graphics.

Earlier this week Fudzilla reported that AMD is going to retire five Phenom II models by the end of this year. Quad-core Phenom II 965 will be end-of-lifed in September 2012. Slightly slower Phenom II X4 955 will be discontinued in Decemeber. Also in Decemeber, AMD will retire three dual-core Phenom II SKUs: X2 555, 560 and 565. All discontinued processors were introduced in 2009 and 2010 time frame.

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