Intel prepares Core i7-3630QM and i7-3632QM OEM CPUs

The launch of Ivy Bridge micro-architecture in April of this year included three OEM microprocessors for mobile market. Core i7-3610QM and i7-3615QM were 45 Watt chips, that differed mostly by packaging. The third part, Core i7-3612QM, was the only Ivy Bridge-based mobile processor with 4 CPU cores and 35 Watt TDP. We recently learned that two additional OEM models are coming in the 4th quarter: Core i7-3630QM and i7-3632QM. New CPUs are planned as a replacement for i7-3610QM and i7-3612QM.

Unfortunately, we don't have confirmed specifications of upcoming chips. We believe that new processors will have 100 MHz faster base and Turbo Boost frequencies than 3610QM and 3612QM SKUs, and the remaining features will not change. This fact is partially confirmed by data, that we found on Dell and eBay websites. Dell currently lists Intel i7-3632QM in specifications of Dell XPS 15 laptop (please switch to Tech Specs tab) on Dell Hong Kong website. The site states that the CPU has up to 3.2 GHz clock speed, and 6 MB cache. Additionally, qualification samples of both processors are now offered on eBay. According to this eBay auction, Core i7-3632QM has 4 CPU cores, runs at 2.2 GHz stock speed, and supports AES and AVX extensions. Another auction has a CPU-Z screenshot for i7-3630QM sample. This CPU runs at 2.4 GHz, has 6 MB L3 cache, and supports the same SIMD extensions as the 3632QM. It's important to note that the CPU-Z screenshots in both auctions show Hyper-Threading feature disabled, which is incorrect. In any case, these specifications should be treated as preliminary, and we hope that we will able to confirm them before Core i7-3630QM and i7-3632QM SKUs are launched in the forth quarter.

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