Intel Celeron B830 spotted; more details on G645T and G550T CPUs

Last week we reported that Intel is going to release budget desktop CPUs later in the Q3. New chips, that will use Sandy Bridge core, are Celeron G465, G550T and G555, and Pentium G645 and G645T. While the launch date of upcoming SKUs was known, their specifications were not confirmed. Fortunately, details of two microprocessors, Celeron G550T and Pentium G645T, slipped into Intel's Q3 2012 reference chart (PDF file). The chart also contains specifications of not yet released mobile Celeron B830 processor.

Celeron G550T and Pentium G645T are low-power dual-core microprocessors. Both models integrate HD graphics, work with DDR3-1066 memory, and support Intel 64 and Virtualization technologies. Both SKUs are slightly faster than their predecessors, Celeron G540T and Pentium G640T. Celeron G550T operates at 2.2 GHz and has 2 MB L3 cache. We believe that remaining specifications of this Celeron are very similar to the G540T. Pentium G645T comes with 2.5 GHz core frequency and 3 MB of last level cache. It's not clear at this time why this chip was named G645T. Based on 2.5 GHz processor frequency, this CPU should have been called G650T. We suspect that there could be other specifications changes, that warranted different processor number.

Celeron B830 is a dual-core mobile processor with 1.8 GHz clock speed, and 2 MB L3 cache. The processor is positioned between just launched Celeron B820, and Celeron B840, that was available since September 2011. Like desktop G550T, mobile Celeron has HD graphics, supports Intel 64 and Virtualization features, but lacks Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies. Assuming that the details of this SKU were published in the Q3 chart, we conclude that the Celeron B830 will be launched later this quarter.

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