AMD business-class "Trinity" APUs are in the works

In good old days of K10-based processors, AMD had quite a variety of different Athlon and Phenom SKUs. In addition to mainstream chips, the company shipped mid- and low-power versions, as well as "business-class" models, that offered greater longevity than consumer grade counterparts. Current generation of "Llano" APUs and FX CPUs doesn't offer that kind of variety, but that should change with the launch of "Trinity" chips in October. While we won't see energy-efficient A-Series products, AMD will release several business-class SKUs. One of them, A10-5800B, was already spotted in June on Computex show. We also learned part numbers of three other accelerated units, A4-5300B, A6-5400B and A8-5500B. Two of these processors emerged in Lenovo Solutions Centre book (13MB XLSM file!), which contains specifications for the full range of "Think"-branded desktop and mobile Lenovo PCs. Based on this document, A6-5400B and A8-5500B microprocessors will be shipped in ThinkCentre M78 desktop computer. The A6 and A8 CPU specifications in the solutions book include only the operating speed, which matches 3.6 GHz and 3.2 GHz stock speed of A6-5400K and A8-5500 APUs. According to their part numbers, A3-5300 and A4-5400B have 2 cores, 1 MB L2 cache, and 65 Watt TDP. AMD A8-5500B and A10-5800B APUs pack 4 cores and 4 MB L2 cache. The A8-5500B is rated at 65 Watt TDP, and the A10 SKU fits into 100 Watt thermal envelope. All 4 processors are produced in socket FM2 form factor.

Although the solutions book doesn't provide much information about business-class Trinity microprocessors, it contains a couple of other interesting tidbits. The document lists 3.4 GHz clock speed for A4-5300 accelerated unit, which matches frequency of this SKU on specification page of HP Pavilion p6-2210jp desktop PC. Clock speed of A4-5300 was not known before. We presume that the A4-5300B will run at the same frequency.

Second interesting thing is the announcement date of the ThinkCentre M78 system. Some configurations will be announced on September 11, that is a few weeks before anticipated launch of retail "Trinity" APUs. We don't know whether this means that AMD processors will be announced or available at the same time, or not. Just for reference, September 11 is a Tuesday (AMD like to launch their products on Tuesdays), and that is the first day of Intel Developer Forum, that will be held in San Francisco, US. It is also possible that the ThinkCentre M78 PC will be announced in September, and available only in October.

Known specifications of future business-class APUs are presented below:

ModelPart numberCoresFrequencyL2 cacheTDP
A4-5300BAD530BOKA23HJ23.4 GHz1 MB65 Watt
A6-5400BAD540BOKA23HJ23.6 GHz1 MB65 Watt
A8-5500BAD550BOKA44HJ43.2 GHz4 MB65 Watt
A10-5800BAD580BWOA44HJ43.8 GHz4 MB100 Watt

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Comments: 2

A8-5500B: which TDP?

2012-08-31 09:34:47
Posted by: Confused

Quote: "AMD A8-5500B and A10-5800B APUs will pack 4 cores, 4 MB L2 cache, and fit into 100 Watt thermal envelope." Umm, that's not what the chart says...


2012-09-04 03:26:12
Posted by: gshv

I changed that part so it matches the chart. Thank you for the correction!

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