AMD announces SeaMicro SM15000 server

AMD announced SeaMicro SM15000 server with Freedom Fabric Storage this week. The SM15000 server is aimed at big data and could computing applications, and it houses 64 compute cards per ten rack unit, with a total capacity of up to 512 cores per system. The SM15000 server can also have up to 4 TB of RAM, up to 64 SSD or hard drive drives, and up to 16 10GBit Ethernet links. Each SM15000 system employs second generation fabric technology, called Freedom Fabric, that links processing, network and external disk arrays together. The SM15000 supports three different models of external disk arrays, with up to 5 Petabytes of combined storage. SeaMicro SM15000 server works with such operating systems, as Red Hat Linux and Windows, it also supports VMware and Citrix XenServer hypervisors. The server is currently available with Intel Xeon E3-1260L compute cards. Additionally, AMD announced new compute cards with Intel "Ivy Bridge" Xeon and AMD "Piledriver" Opteron processors.

Intel Xeon compute cards will include one Intel Xeon E3-1265Lv2 "Ivy Bridge" processor per card. The E3-1265L v2 is a quad-core CPU with ability to execute 8 threads at once. As a result, when configured with Intel Xeon cards, the SM15000 system will have 256 cores, and it can run 512 threads simultaneously. Since each E3-1265L v2 microprocessor is limited to 32 GB of physical memory, the maximum supported memory size for Intel Xeon configuration is 2 TB.

On the other hand, announced AMD Opteron processors have 8 cores, and support up to 64 GB per CPU, i.e. doubling the number of cores to 512 and memory to 4 TB per server. AMD indicated that these custom Opteron SKUs will be based on "Piledriver" microarchitecture, and they will have 2 GHz stock speed. The processors will support Turbo Core technology, which will "overclock" all cores to 2.3 GHz, or half of the cores to 2.8 GHz. Xeon E3-1260L and E3-1265L v2 are low voltage parts with 45 Watt TDP, as such we expect that not yet released Opteron CPUs for the SM15000 server will have comparable or lower TDP.

Compute cards with Xeon E3-1260L processors are already available. Compute cards with AMD "Piledriver" Opterons and Intel E3-1265L v2 will be available in November.

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