Intel releases Pentium B980 CPU

Just in time before the Christmas shopping season, Intel has scheduled to introduce a large number of mobile Core, Pentium and Celeron processors. So far we counted 8 released mobile chips, with 10 or 11 more to be available in the next few weeks. Some of the released CPUs, like Celeron B830 and Core i7-3740QM, were already added to official price list and/or Intel product database, while a few others, such as Core i3-2328M and i3-2365M, were spotted in shipping notebooks. The latest mobile microprocessor, that we learned about, is a Pentium B980. The CPU was added to Intel product database at the end of last week, and it now has the status "Launched".

Intel Pentium B980 is based on one generation old Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, and it has two CPU cores with 2 MB L3 cache. The processor operates at 2.4 GHz, which is only 100 MHz higher than frequency of its predecessor, Pentium B970. Since the B980 is positioned as a budget CPU, it has most of advanced Sandy Bridge features disabled. This mobile Pentium doesn't support Hyper-Threading and Turbo-Boost, and it may not even support Virtualization technology, even though Intel product database claims that Virtualization is enabled on this chip. Supported x86 extensions on the Pentium B980 include SSE4 and earlier SIMD instructions, but not AES or AVX instructions. The processor integrates HD graphics unit, clocked at 650 MHz, and up to 1.15 GHz in Turbo graphics mode. Intel B980 has 35 Watt Thermal Design Power, and it works in socket G2 mobile motherboards.

Intel product database states that the CPU was launched in the second quarter 2012, which contradicts to Intel roadmap, that we've seen, and the fact that the Pentiums are not yet available in laptops in US. On the other hand, the B980 is already available in notebooks in Asia, which usually means that the CPU was just launched, or will be launched in the very near future. The notebooks, that will be shipped with this SKU, are HP 650, ProBook 4340s and 4341s, Lenovo G780, Dell Inspiron 14 and Inspiron 15, just to name a few. The last two Dell laptops with Pentium B980 microprocessor are already available for sale outside of US.

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