Intel Core i7-3970X spotted on Intel website

Intel plans to add new Core i7-3970X Extreme processor for socket 2011 platform in the forth quarter 2012. This information has been leaked in July along with processor specifications, and later it was confirmed by leaked roadmap slides. Another confirmation we received days ago, when we spotted Core i7-3970X, along with brief details of the chip, in the CPU support list for DX79SI motherboard on Intel website. According to the specs, the Core i7-3970X will operate at 3.5 GHz, that is 200 MHz higher than the current flagship i7-3960X SKU. The processor will have 15 MB L3 cache, and will be initially released with SR0WR S-Spec number. We also know from previous reports that the i7-3970X will have 6 cores, 4 GHz maximum Turbo Boost frequency, 150 Watt TDP, and socket 2011 (socket R) form factor. Addition of the i7-3970X to the CPU support list may indicate that processor's launch is nearing. Exact launch date of the i7-3970X and the price are not known at this time.

Update: Intel removed all references to i7-3970X from the support list. Fortunately, we preserved a screenshot of the CPU support list:

Intel DX79SI CPU support list with i7-3970X processor
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You can also see some bits of information in search results when you Google for "i7-3970X DX79SI" (no quotes).

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