Intel ships Core i7-3632QM CPU

Intel rolled out large number of mobile microprocessors during their fall lineup refresh. Overall they released 15 new Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 and Core i7 SKUs. There were also several processors, that we anticipated to see this fall, but they never officially launched. One of these CPUs was Core i7-3632QM, a quad-core mobile processor, capable of executing 8 threads at once. We said "was" because this week the 3632QM was added to Intel's product database, and it now has the "launched" status.

Core i7-3632QM is a speed bump of i7-3612QM, introduced back in April. The 3612QM had 2.1 GHz base clock, that could be raised as high as 3.1 GHz when only one core was operational. The i7-3632QM bumps those frequencies by 100 MHz, to 2.2 GHz base and 3.2 GHz maximum Turbo frequencies. The rest of the i7-3632QM features is identical to the 3612QM. The CPU has 4 cores, 6 MB level 3 cache, and supports Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies, as well as AVX and AES instruction set extensions. Like other Core i7s, the 3632QM integrates HD 4000 graphics unit. The GPU on this chip is clocked at 650 MHz, and up to 1.15 GHz when required. Similar to 3612QM, there are BGA and PGA variations of Core i7-3632QM microprocessor. The BGA version, besides different type of package, adds support of VT-d virtualization. The unique feature of both versions is low 35 Watt Thermal Design Power. Most other quad-core Core i7s at this time have 45 Watt or higher TDP.

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