AMD to present "Piledriver" Opterons at SC12 conference

AMD Piledriver microarchitecture was officially launched in May, but only now AMD releases desktop and server products, based on it. Entry-level and mid-cass "Piledriver" APUs were introduced on October 2nd, and high-end FX parts will be available on October 23. AMD also plans to launch next-generation server processors, which will be branded as Opteron 4300- and 6300-series. The Opteron CPUs will be demonstrated to public at SC12 conference in Salt Lake City, UT, that will take place from November 12 to November 15. During that week the company will have 4 presentations. Two of them will talk about parallel programming and OpenCL. One presentation, scheduled for November 14, has very intriguing name: Introducing the next-gen AMD Opteron processors based on the core architecture codenamed "Piledriver". If we read it correctly, the name implies that the Opteron 4300/6300 CPUs may be released on that same day. Unfortunately, the details are sketchy on AMD website, and therefore we cannot confirm or disprove this theory. There is one interesting historical fact about November 14 date though: on that date last year AMD announced Opteron 6200 and 4200 series microprocessors.

The forth and last presentation is called "AMD FirePro Technology Update for HPC", and it will talk about the latest AMD FirePro graphics products. It's not clear whether this topic will involve introduction of new FirePro GPUs or not.

Source: AMD

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opterons 63xx and 43xx are rising (with prices) on some retailers' websites

2012-10-22 13:12:10
Posted by: STE

It seems that some opterons 63xx and 43xx are surfacing, with prices, on the websites of some online retailers. Please, see for ex. Expercom (opteron 6386SE at $1,565), or NextWarehouse (opteron 6386SE at $ 1,692.12) or CostCentral (opteron 6386SE at $1,508).

Bottom Line included some "Abu-Dhabi" opterons - it seems - and then cancelled them.
We will see the final prices.

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