Intel quietly launched Atom D2560 processor

Intel desktop Cedar Trail platform was released one year ago, and initially consisted of Atom D2500 and D2700 SKUs, shortly followed by D2550 model. The fastest processor in the lineup was D2700, therefore it seemed odd that Intel decided to retire it in May, i.e. 8 months after the launch. The reason given by the company was usual "Market demand shifted ... to other Intel products". Today Intel quietly introduced D2560 SKU, which is 133 MHz slower than the D2700, but faster than the other Atoms in the lineup. The new CPU is priced the same as the D2550. Apparently, faster Atoms are still in demand, especially when they come with cheaper prices.

Some details on just released Atom D2560 can be found in Intel's official pricelist that was updated today. The CPU is manufactured on 32nm technology, which means that is is based on Saltwell microarchitecture. The D2560 has 2 cores, clocked at 2 GHz, and 1 MB L2 cache. The processor supports Hyper-Threading, that allows each core to execute two threads at once. Unfortunately, these are the only characteristics, that we could find on Intel's website. The CPU is not yet listed in Intel's product database, Atom datasheet or specifications update.

Both Atom D2550 and D2560 are priced at $47.

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A couple spelling nitpicks

2012-10-28 15:48:45
Posted by: Your Name

It is "faster than", not "faster then" (near the end of the first paragraph).

Also, we talk about lower prices for cheaper devices, not the other way around (last sentence first paragraph).

In this sentence: "Unfortunately, these are the only characteristics, that we could find on Intel website." that second comma is superfluous in English. Also, it is "the intel website" or "intel's website" (short for "intel their website").

Feel free to reject and/or delete this comment; I just thought you could do with the impromptu spelling lesson from a fellow non-native speaker.


2012-10-29 01:23:01
Posted by: gshv

I corrected a few things with the exception of "cheaper prices". Thank you!

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