AMD FX-8140, FX-6350 and FX-8300 CPUs shipped in HP h8-1400z PC

On October 23, AMD refreshed FX series lineup, releasing 4 different second-generation models, some with as many as 8 CPU cores. In addition to retail parts, this week AMD also launched six-core FX-6350 and eight-core FX-8300 microprocessors for OEM systems. The OEM parts are now available in HP ENVY h8-1400z desktop computer. Base h8-1400z model with FX-6120 CPU is priced at $599, and upgrades to FX-6350 and FX-8300 cost $70 and $150 accordingly. The processor configuration page also includes previously unreleased AMD FX-8140:

CPU options for HP Envy h8-1400z desktop PC

AMD FX-6350 and FX-8300 are based on enhanced Bulldozer microarchitecture, dubbed "Piledriver". Technically, "Piledriver" CPUs are built on a new stepping of Orochi die, that tweaked on-chip units to achieve better performance and higher clock speeds. In the process, AMD added support for FMA and F16C instructions. The tweaks and higher clock rates do provide visible boost in performance. For instance, AMD claimed up to 15% increase in performance for the flagship FX-8350, relative to first-generation FX-8150 chip, which was confirmed by independent benchmarks. Because the FX-8350 is clocked 11% higher than the FX-8150, the "Piledriver" architecture should have at least 4% advantage over "Bulldozer" at the same frequency. Seeing that the FX-6350 and FX-8300 are clocked 100 MHz higher than their predecessors, FX-6200 and FX-8140, we can estimate that they will perform at minimum 6% faster.

Calling the "FX-8140" a predecessor would be a bit of a stretch though, because this is the first time this model is available for sale. The FX-8140 has 4 "Bulldozer" modules (8 CPU cores), and it supposedly has 95 Watt TDP. The part runs at 3.2 GHz, and can "overclock" itself to 4.1 GHz under light loads.

Its successor, the FX-8300, has 100 MHz faster base and Turbo Core frequencies. All remaining processor characteristics are identical between both SKUs.

AMD FX-6350 has 6 CPU cores, clocked at 3.9 GHz. It supports Turbo Core feature, that can bump the frequency to 4.2 GHz. The processor is rated at 125 Watt TDP. It is unfortunate that retail version of this SKU was not released this week. The FX-6350 is clocked almost as high as the FX-8350, and it should be almost as fast in applications, utilizing 6 or less cores, which includes most of the games.

All aforementioned OEM FX microprocessors have 8 MB L3 cache, and support the latest instruction set extensions, such as SSE4, AES and AVX. The CPUs also support AMD 64 and Virtualization technologies, and work in socket AM3+ motherboards. Detailed specifications of new products are provided below:

ModelCoresFrequencyTurbo FrequencyL3 cacheTDP
FX-6350 6 3.9 GHz 4.2 GHz 8 MB 125 Watt
FX-8140 8 3.2 GHz 4.1 GHz 8 MB 95 Watt
FX-8300 8 3.3 GHz 4.2 GHz 8 MB 95 Watt

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