AMD to design ARM-based server processors

AMD today announced plans to develop ARM-based microprocessor, aimed at low-power and dense severs (micro-servers). The ARM-based products will be implemented as highly integrated Systems on a Chip (SoC). Details on these processors at this time are sketchy. Official AMD's press release states that the SoCs will support 64-bit technology, which means that they will be based on ARMv8 architecture. The microprocessors will have multiple cores, and incorporate Seamicro Freedom fabric, that has the ability to link multiple processors, I/O, memory and storage together. The fabric technology was acquired by AMD with the acquisition of Seamicro company in February of this year. The same technology was also used in recently announced Seamicro SM15000 server.

ARM-based server CPUs will be branded as Opteron, and available in 2014. AMD will continue to design x86 processors, as such they will be the only company that will offer both ARM and x86 based server solutions.

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