Future Celeron and Pentium CPUs surface on Biostar's website

We previously reported that Intel plans to complete transition to Ivy Bridge microarchitecture in Q1 2013 by releasing new Celeron and Pentium desktop microprocessors. Overall, the company will launch 7 SKUs, including G1610T and G2020T low-power models. Characteristics of these products are already known, and some of them were even spotted in specifications of Dell desktop PCs. Now the CPUs has surfaced in CPU support lists on the Biostar website:

Specifications of unreleased Celeron and Pentium processors from CPU support list of Biostar Hi-Fi Z77X Ver. 5.x motherboard

Ivy Bridge Celeron and Pentium microprocessors will have a feature-set, similar to their Sandy Bridge counterparts. Celeron chips will have 2 CPU cores with 2 MB L3 cache, and they will lack Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies. Pentiums will have the size of L3 cache increased to 3 MB. In addition to more efficient microarchitecture and better HD graphics, the CPUs will support DDR3-1333 memory. Two SKUs will operate at slightly higher clock speed, and standard power Ivy Bridge chips will have 10 Watt lower TDP. The table below shows advantages of new processors over currently produced Celeron and Pentium parts:

Current SKUFuture SKUAdvantages of future SKU
Pentium G2120 Pentium G2130 +100 MHz clock
Pentium G870 Pentium G2120 Ivy Bridge / -10W TDP
Pentium G645 Pentium G2020 Ivy Bridge / -10W TDP / DDR3-1333
Pentium G645T Pentium G2020T Ivy Bridge / DDR3-1333
Celeron G555 Celeron G1620 Ivy Bridge / -10W TDP / DDR3-1333
Celeron G550 Celeron G1610 Ivy Bridge / -10W TDP / DDR3-1333
Celeron G550T Celeron G1610T Ivy Bridge / +100 MHz clock / DDR3-1333

The CPU support list also contains unreleased Core i3-3210, which operates at 100 MHz lower frequency than Core i3-3220 production SKU. The launch of i3-3210 processor should narrow performance gap, and hopefully price gap, between Pentium and Core i3 lineups.

Source: Biostar

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