New Mobile Celeron processors to launch in Q1 2013

Next microarchitecture from Intel, codenamed Haswell, will be launched in the second quarter 2013, but before then the company will refresh existing desktop and mobile lineups, releasing more than a dozen of new models. We previously reported on new Celeron and Pentium desktop CPUs, as well as mobile Core i5 and i7 processors, coming next quarter. According to Digitimes, Intel will also launch a few mobile Celeron microprocessors from 1000-series.

Future mobile Celerons have 1000M, 1020M, 1007U and 1037U processor numbers. Based on the "M" or "U" suffix in the model name, the former two are 35 Watt SKUs for mainstream laptops, and the latter two are ultra-low voltage parts. All Celerons use new naming convention, which suggests that they will be built on Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. Other specifications of these chips at this time are unknown. Release of Celeron 1000-series should complete transition of Intel mobile lineup to Ivy Bridge microarchitecture, and as a result we will see the company discontinuing some Sandy Bridge Celeron CPUs, including B730 and 807.

All desktop products, planned for the next quarter, are budget Celeron and Pentium chips, based on Ivy Bridge core. Planned desktop Celerons are G1610, G1610T and G1620, and they will replace current G550, G550T and G555 SKUs. Upcoming Pentium models are G2020, G2020T, and G2130, and those will make Pentium G645, G645T and G870 CPUs obsolete. With the launch of new budget products, Intel will be able to drop a share of Sandy Bridge desktop processors from current 60% to less than 20% in the first half 2013. In the same half, Haswell chips are projected to account for 4% of the desktop market, however their share should increase to 20% in the second half 2013.

Source: DigiTimes

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