AMD server CPU roadmap for 2013 and 2014

AMD recently participated in two WorldHostingDays events, presenting their cloud server strategy. Two large parts of the presentations were Seamicro technology, announced back in October, and Opteron roadmap for 2013 and 2014 years. The roadmap didn't reveal the names or capabilities of future Opteron microprocessors, but it had a few interesting tidbits:

AMD server roadmap for 2013 / 2014 years
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The first thing that you may notice is that the current generation of Opteron 6300, or "Abu Dhabi", microprocessors will be on the market until mid-2014, when it is going to be replaced by unnamed 28nm processor. The same is true for soon to be released Opteron 4300 (Seoul) and 3300 (Delhi) series CPUs. The roadmap states that Abu Dhabi, Seoul and Delhi products will be based on stepping C of Orochi design, that is on a Piledriver core. This confirms previous reports that AMD Steamroller core, a successor to Piledriver, was pushed to 2014.

Another thing, that can be seen on the roadmap, is that future high-performance CPUs are displayed as one big block, covering both dual- and quad-socket configurations. This could be an indication that AMD plans to reduce the number of platforms from 3 to 2.

AMD "Jakarta" platform for single-processor servers and workstations currently utilizes socket AM3+ microprocessors with 4 and 8 cores. Piledriver-based Opteron 3300 series chips will also have from 4 to 8 cores, and will be compatible with socket AM3+. It's interesting that in addition to currently available 45W/65W parts, AMD will also launch socket AM3+ model or models with 25 Watt TDP.

Lastly, the future low-power processors will also include some Accelerated Processing Units, that will be produced on 28nm process.

Complete presentation is available here as a PDF file.

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There are 5 comments posted


2012-12-03 04:40:48
Posted by: Shashwat

Its Delhi not Delphi.

BTW the roadmap seems pitful, given how measly server market share they have. If they focus and execute at this pace I wonder Intel will gobble the whole server market share for themselves.


2012-12-03 05:21:02
Posted by: Anon

Please don't turn this into a flame war, intel vs amd, or general feces toss.

Many people like the neutrality of this site.

Thank you.


2012-12-03 18:22:43
Posted by: ttt

There was nothing said that would start a flame war.. Intel has most of the market share... That has nothing to do with performance or anything, just simply stating that Intel sells a LOT more server CPU's than AMD and AMD needs to step it up and stop pushing their products back more and more or else everyone will stop buying AMD server CPU's.


2012-12-03 13:35:39
Posted by: gshv

It was fixed. Thank you for the correction!


2012-12-03 06:29:06
Posted by: Shashwat

No I am not. I tend to favor AMD for their VFM products buts offlately the management seems to be taking things for granted.

But since you pointed out, I'll refrain posting ! *peace*

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