New model numbers of Core i3, i5 and Pentium Haswell CPUs spotted

Last month, Chinese VR-Zone was the first to report detailed specifications of Haswell desktop quad-core CPUs, coming in Q2 2013. The initial lineup will include 14 SKUs, comprised of 5 Core i7 and 9 Core i5 models, with TDPs ranging from 35 Watt to 84 Watt. After the first wave of Haswell desktop processors, Intel will presumably release dual-core Core i3s and Pentiums in the second half 2013. Model numbers of these processors were recently spotted by EXPReview in heatsink compatibility sections on the Arctic website.

Besides 14 Core i5 and i7 quad-core models, expected to launch at the end of May or beginning of June, the company may eventually release Core i5-4330, i5-4330S, i5-4350P, i5-4450, i5-4450S, i5-4470, i5-4470S, i5-4470T, i5-4475S, i5-4550, i5-4550S, and i5-4570K. Based on the model number, at least one SKU, i5-4350P, will not have the integrated graphics. Core i3 lineup will be represented by i3-4220, i3-4220T, i3-4225, i3-4240, and i3-4240T CPUs. Two Haswell Pentiums on the list are G3100 and G3120. There are some discrepancies between the listed Haswell model numbers and earlier reports, therefore it's not clear how accurate is the information on the Arctic website. For instance, the compatibility section shows processors from Core i5-4670 line in Core i7 category. Full list of socket 1150 processors from Arctic website is provided below:

Core i7-4770, i7-4770K, i7-4770S, i7-4770T, i7-4765T, i7-4670, i7-4670K, i7-4670S, and i7-4670T

Core i5-4330, i5-4330S, i5-4430, i5-4430S, i5-4350P, i5-4450, i5-4450S, i5-4470, i5-4470S, i5-4470T, i5-4475S, i5-4550, i5-4550S, i5-4570, i5-4570K, i5-4570S, and i5-4570T

Core i3-4220, i3-4220T, i3-4225, i3-4240, and i3-4240T

Pentium G3100, G3120

In addition to future Haswell processor numbers, a few compatibility lists on the Arctic website refer to two other unreleased chips: Core i7-3980X and A10-6800K. The former one is an upcoming Core i7 Extreme CPU for socket 2011, possibly based on Ivy Bridge-E core. The latter A10-6800K is a flagship AMD APU from Richland lineup. The accelerated unit will supposedly have 4 cores, 100 Watt TDP, and will be manufactured on 28nm technology.

Source: EXPReview | Arctic (go to Compatibility tab)

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