AMD adds Athlon II X2 280 CPU, drops some prices

Earlier this week XBiT laboratories published two slides, showing updated AMD desktop lineup. On the lower end of that lineup AMD had FX-4130 microprocessor, and the mid- and high-performance products were Piledriver-based FX-4300, FX-6300, FX-8320 and FX-8350 CPUs with "Vishera" core. The most intriguing was that the FX-4130 had box part number FD4130WMHKBOX, which was different from previously launched FX-4130 CPU with FD4130FRGUBOX box SKU. The "HK" portion of the part number implied that the processor on the slide was based on "Vishera" core, which, perhaps, was the reason why it was reported as a newly launched "Vishera" CPU. In our opinion, there is no new FX-4130, and AMD instead dropped the price on existing Bulldozer-based FX 4130 to $101. That would explain why AMD compared it to previous generation Core i3 processor, and not to the latest Core i3s, and why the FX-4130 CPU had only 1% better performance in PCMark 7 benchmark than the FX-4100. The FD4130WMHKBOX part number is obviously incorrect, because it corresponds to 95 Watt processor, which contradicts to 125W TDP spec of the 4130.

AMD FX-4130 was not the only CPU model that had its price slashed this week. According to AMD price list, that was updated today, the price of AMD A6-3500 APU was dropped from $67 to $59, and the price of Athlon II X4 645 was reduced by $10 to $77. The former is a quad-core Accelerated Processing Unit for socket FM1, and the latter is a quad-core CPU for socket AM3. AMD also added Athlon II X2 280 to the price list. This part has 2 cores, backed by 2 MB L2 cache, and clocked at 3.6 GHz. The X2 280 fits into 65 Watt thermal envelope, and it is compatible with socket AM3 motherboards. Based on these specifications, the Athlon II is likely to be based on K10 micro-architecture. The official price of the new CPU is $49:

CPU modelOld priceNew priceDifference
A6-3500 $67 $59 11.9%
Athlon II X2 280 --- $49 N/A
Athlon II X4 645 $87 $77 11.5%
FX 4130 $112 $101 9.8%

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single thread performance

2013-04-27 15:28:53
Posted by: travis

Any chance this could overclock well? I've seen a x2 270 go to 4.2. I'm thinking of doing a small upgrade from my athlon X2 5800+ . The only interest is to do PCSX2 emulation. My build is 5 years old. The plan is to upgrade a year or so from now. So this would just be a slight upgrade to play pcsx2 until then. I'm mainly looking for single threaded performance as pcsx2 doesn't use more than 2 cores.

It's older brother the athlon II X2 270 has comparable single threaded performance to the phenom II X4 965.

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