Intel Core i7-4800MQ and i7-4900MQ are available for pre-order

Based on recently leaked information, Intel 4th generation Haswell processors will be released at Computex show in Taiwan. Exactly like during the last two Intel microarchitecture launches, the first announced mobile CPUs will be quad-core models. We already published details of three of these SKUs. Core i7-4930MX Extreme, Core i7-4900MQ and i7-4800MQ will have the same specifications as Core i7-3940XM Extreme Edition, i7-3840QM and i7-3740QM microprocessors, that have been shipping in notebooks since last September. Although the 4th generation processors are coming in three months, two of them are already available for pre-order in a couple of US online stores:

Pre-order screen for
Core i7-4900MQ microprocessor

One of the stores, PCSuperStore, lists boxed Core i7-4800MQ with BX80647I74800MQ part number for $400.32, and boxed i7-4900MQ with BX80647I74900MQ part number for $601.06. These prices are close to $378 and $568 launch prices of Core i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM, that were also available as boxed processors.

As we already mentioned, specifications of the 4th generation Core microprocessors are identical to Ivy Bridge SKUs. Both Core i7-4800MQ and i7-4900MQ have 4 cores with Hyper-Threading, HD 4600 graphics unit with 400 MHz stock and 1.3 GHz maximum turbo frequencies, and 47 Watt TDP. The processors support all Ivy Bridge extensions to x86 instruction set, and also add support for AVX 2.0 instructions and Transactional Synchronization Extensions. The 4800MQ runs at 2.7 MHz, and has 3.7 GHz maximum Turbo Boost speed. This microprocessor comes with 6 MB L3 cache. The 4900MQ has 100 MHz higher base and boost speeds, and larger 8 MB L3 cache. Despite of identical specifications, Haswell parts are expected to have better performance due to improvements in CPU and GPU architectures.

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