Tilera announces 72-core 64-bit processor

Tilera this week announced Tile-Gx low-power processors, that integrate 72 CPU cores, 8 network interfaces, 4 PCI-Express controllers, and encryption engines on a single chip. Implemented as a system-on-a-chip (SoC), the Tile-Gx72 are aimed at networking, "big data" processing, and cloud computing applications. This announcement comes just one year after Tilera launched 16- and 36-core products. The Tile-Gx72 SoCs double the numbers of cores, memory controllers, PCI-e controllers, network ports, and the size of L3 cache in comparison to the 36-core predecessor.

Internally, the Tile-Gx SoC has 72 tiles, each containing a CPU core with dedicated 64 KB L1 and 256 KB L2 caches, and a Terabit switch. The cores are clocked from 1GHz to 1.2GHz, and support 64-bit and SIMD instructions. The Terabit switches are all connected together into iMesh on-chip network. In addition to 72 cores, the Tile-Gx processor incorporates 18 MB L3 cache, 4 integrated memory controllers, as well as an MiCA encryption engines, and several Ethernet ports and PCI-Express controllers, that were mentioned at the beginning of this article. The 4 memory controllers support up to 1 TB of ECC memory, operating at data rates up to 1866 MT/s. Six PCI-e 2.0 controllers provide up to 96 Gbps throughput. Eight Ethernet ports support 10Gbps networking, and can be configured as 32 1Gbps ports. Additionally, the chip has mPIPE Wire-speed Packet engine, two USB 2.0 and a few legacy I/O interfaces. The Tile-Gx SoC is packaged in 45mm x 45mm BGA package.

The Tile-Gx72 processors are currently available for sampling.

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