Intel Core i3-3250 CPU is in the works

Intel Core i3 line of Ivy Bridge processors was released in September 2012, and so far it has been been expanded with the i3-3210 SKU, that has narrowed the gap between Core i3 and Pentium desktop families. Another Core i3 model, which is likely to be the fastest from all Core i3 processors, will be released later this year. Information about this part appeared in Intel's Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database over the weekend. According to the MDDS database, new CPU will have BX80637I33250 box part number, which corresponds to i3-3250 model.

The processor is currently listed in the MDDS database as having Ivy Bridge-M-2 core. It means that the i3-3250 is built on Ivy Bridge architecture, has no more than 2 cores, and HD or HD 2500 graphics. Based on unconfirmed information, the i3-3250 operates at 3.5 GHz. Because it belongs to Core i3 family, the CPU should have 2 cores, 3 MB L3 cache, and support for HyperThreading technology. We also expect it to have HD 2500 graphics, and 55 Watt TDP. Like all desktop Ivy Bridge microprocessors, it should fit into socket 1155. Launch date of the Core i3-3250 is unknown.

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Correct topic plz

2013-02-25 03:21:05
Posted by: Chris :)

"Intel Core i3-2350 CPU is in the works"
i3-2350 -> i3-3250


2013-02-25 13:13:28
Posted by: gshv

It was corrected, thank you!

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