AMD A4-1200 "Temash" APU sighted

In January AMD made public a 2013 roadmap, that provided some details on upcoming generations of AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). The roadmap revealed several model numbers of unreleased chips, including A6-1450 "Temash" APU, A6-5200 "Kabini" part and "Richland"-based A8-5545M and A10-5750M. Although all of them are quad-core processors, AMD will also introduce dual-core SKUs. One of the possible candidates is A4-1200, which surfaced in footnotes on the "Tablets with AMD Accelerated Processors" page on the AMD website.

The page doesn't have many details on this APU beside several basic features. The A4-1200 has two CPU cores, clocked at 1 GHz. It also has integrated Radeon HD 8180 graphics. AMD has not disclosed chip's TDP, however they provided projected power in different usage scenarios. The A4-1200 APU consumes 1.2 Watt when idle, 1.4 Watt during browsing, and 2.35 Watt when playing h.264 online video at 1080p resolution. Total platform power for these types of activities is 2.8 Watt, 3.7 Watt and 5.3 Watt respectively.

In addition to A4-1200 projected power consumption, footnotes on this and Desktop PCs pages also contain results of some benchmarks for several upcoming chips. As stated by these pages, AMD A6-1450's score in 3DMark 06 was 2624. This is about 10% - 15% lower than E2-1800, and let's not forget than the Brazos APU is clocked at 1.7 GHz and has higher TDP. In PCMark Vantage benchmark, AMD A10-5750M APU received a score 6875, and desktop A10-6800K processors had a score of 14600.

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There are 5 comments posted


2013-03-05 13:05:00
Posted by: fpg

incorect power figures. check the source again.


2013-03-05 13:15:00
Posted by: gshv

The power consumption numbers match the source. Please post what numbers are incorrect.

System power state S3 is a sleeping state

2013-03-06 16:40:42
Posted by: Juha

System power state S3 is a sleeping state. In S3 processor is off and some chips on the motherboard also might be off. Only system memory is retained. CPU context, cache contents, and chipset context are lost.

Source mentions:
"APU power ... .02 W during a system S3 “sleep” state." and
"Total system power ... .07 W during a system S3 “sleep” state."

I assume that power figures you quoted are for system power state S0, the system working state.


2013-03-06 16:49:00
Posted by: gshv

I see where the problem is... I accidentally left "In
a system 'S3' state" part of the sentence. Thank you for the correction!

Idle power consumption no good

2013-03-14 21:36:25
Posted by: Xxxxxl

For an SoC, 1.2W idle is very high, most SoCs now idle at below 1W. Even intel with haswell promises 20x less at idle, which I estimate it to be around 0.15W.

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