NVidia Launch a Range of Quadro "K" Graphics cards

NVidia launched a range of workstation graphics cards based on the Kepler architecture. The Kepler based Quadro series GPUs previously included only the Quadro K5000 and the Quadro K5000 for Mac. The new cards add a Quadro K4000 at the high end, K2000 and K2000D for mainstream workstation graphics, and the K600 for entry level graphics. With the introduction of new cards, the Quadro K series covers the full spectrum of users from entry level up to high-end with compute and graphics capabilities.

The Quadro K4000 uses a GK106 GPU with 768 CUDA cores, clocked at 810.5 MHz. With 64 Texture Units and 24 ROPs, it has a texture throughput of 51.9 gigatexels/s and a pixel throughput of 13 gigapixels/s. The 3072 MB GDDR5 memory is clocked at 1404 MHz, or 5616 MHz effective, with a bandwidth of 134.8 GB/s on a 192-bit interface. It has a peak single-precision performance of approximately 1.25 TFLOPS. The card fits a single PCI-E slot, allowing for as many cards as there are free slots in a system, and it has a TDP of 80 Watt. Outputs include 1 x Dual-Link DVI-I and 2 x DisplayPort 1.2.

The Quadro K2000 and K2000D utilize a GK107 GPU with 384 active CUDA cores. Clocked at 954 MHz, the cards have 32 TMUs and 16 ROPs, for a throughput of 30.5 gigatexels/s and 7.63 gigapixels/s. The K2000 and K2000D have 2048 MB GDDR5 memory clocked at 4000 MHz effective, resulting in a bandwidth of 64 GB/s. These cards have a peak compute performance of approx 730 GFLOPS, and they take a single slot. Their TDP is 51 Watt. The K2000 has 1 x Dual-Link DVI-I and 2 x DisplayPort 1.2 outputs, and the K2000D has 2 x Dual-Link DVI-I and 1 x mini-DisplayPort.

The entry level K600 also uses the GK107 GPU, only with 192 active cores and running at 876 MHz. 16 TMUs and 16 ROPs provide a throughput of 14 gigatexels/s and 14 gigapixels/s. There is 1024 MB DDR3 memory running at an effective clock speed of 1782 MHz on a 128-bit interface, with a bandwidth of 28.5 GB/s. This card also is a single slot wide, and it has a single dual-link DVI-I and one DisplayPort 1.2 outputs. The TDP is 41 Watt.

All cards use a PCI-E 2.0 interface and support DirectX 11.0, OpenGL 4.3 and OpenCL 1.2. The K4000 is priced at $1269, while the K2000 and K2000D GPUs cost $599, and the K600 costs $199. The cards are available now.

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