Intel to refresh Pentium desktop lineup in Q2 2013

Intel plans to update desktop Pentium family with several slightly faster Ivy Bridge-based processors in Q2 2013. The refresh will come one quarter after January's refresh of budget desktop families, and one quarter before the launch of Haswell-based Pentium microprocessors. The new chips are Pentium G2030, G2030T, G2120T and G2140.

New Pentium desktop processors have 2 cores, but lack Hyper-Threading technology, and therefore can execute only two threads at once. Both G2000- and G2100 series CPUs support only basic features, like Intel 64 and Virtualization. The Pentium chips integrate HD graphics, clocked at 650 MHz, and up to 1050 MHz when the processor has thermal headroom. The parts also have dual-channel memory controller, that supports DDR3-1333 on the G2030 and the G2030T, and up to DDR3-1600 on the G2120T and the G2140. All Ivy Bridge desktop Pentiums fit socket 1155.

Pentium G2030T and G2120T are low-power models, replacing G2020T and G2100T. The new chips are clocked 100 MHz higher, that is at 2.6GHz and 2.7GHz respectively, and fit into 35 Watt thermal envelope.

Pentium G2030 and G2140 mainstream microprocessors will be faster than "T" SKUs, and they will have 57% higher TDP. These processors will take place of G2020 and G2130 SKUs. The G2030 will run at 3 GHz. The G2140 will operate at 3.3 GHz, which will make slightly faster than the Core i3-3210 in some single- and dual-threaded applications.

The processors will be released in Q2 2013. We don't have information on their prices, although they should be close or identical to prices of currently available Pentium CPUs. Specifications of future Pentiums are summarized below:

Pentium G2030 2 2 3 GHz 3 MB 650 / 1050 MHz DDR3-1333 55 Watt
Pentium G2030T 2 2 2.6 GHz 3 MB 650 / 1050 MHz DDR3-1333 35 Watt
Pentium G2120T 2 2 2.7 GHz 3 MB 650 / 1050 MHz DDR3-1600 35 Watt
Pentium G2140 2 2 3.3 GHz 3 MB 650 / 1050 MHz DDR3-1600 55 Watt

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There are 2 comments posted


2013-03-11 18:08:30
Posted by: Fruit

Title says Q3, article says Q2 (since article says it twice, I think title is a typo?)


2013-03-11 23:36:34
Posted by: gshv

The title is incorrect, but I can't fix it right now. The processors will launch in Q2 2013.

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