Intel Haswell desktop CPUs are available for pre-order

More than a dozen of Core i5 and Core i7 Haswell microprocessors are expected to launch at the beginning of June. The flagship Haswell model, Core i7-4770K with unlocked multiplier, was already spotted this week in some stores in Europe. reported that the CPU is currently available for pre-order in Dutch online shops MaxICT and TakeItNow, priced at 330 Euro and 350 Euro respectively, that is 4% and 11% higher than the average selling price of the i7-3770K in Holland. The Haswell processor can be also pre-ordered from several online stores in US. What's more, the stores list a handful of other Haswell SKUs, including i5-4670K.

PCSuperStore currently has Core i5-4430, i5-4570, i5-4570S, i5-4670, i5-4670K, i7-4770, i7-4770K and i7-4770S on pre-order, with prices ranging from $197 to $368. The table below shows how these prices stack up against prices of Ivy Bridge products from the same store:

Ivy Bridge
Box part numberPre-order
Core i5-3330 $197.37 Core i5-4430 BX80646I54430 $197.86 0%
Core i5-3470 $205.23 Core i5-4570 BX80646I54570 $213.69 +4%
Core i5-3470S $195.59 Core i5-4570S BX80646I54570S $205.78 +5%
Core i5-3570 $210 Core i5-4670 BX80646I54670 $236.30 +13%
Core i5-3570K $234.18 Core i5-4670K BX80646I54670K $256.65 +10%
Core i7-3770 $302.85 Core i7-4770 BX80646I74770 $328.67 +9%
Core i7-3770K $339.86 Core i7-4770K BX80646I74770K $368.07 +8%
Core i7-3770S $302.74 Core i7-4770S BX80646I74770S $320.80 +6%

With one exception, all Haswell microprocessors are currently 4% - 13% more expensive than Ivy Bridge counterparts. Pre-order prices tend to drop a bit when it gets closer to launch, but at this point it is impossible to tell whether they will drop to Ivy Bridge level, or will be a few percent higher.

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