Intel desktop and mobile CPU roadmap for 2014

It is not uncommon to see details of unreleased CPU products leaked by AMD's or Intel's partners. It is less common when CPU manufacturers themselves leak model numbers or product specifications, and it is especially rare when the manufacturers leak complete roadmaps or launch schedules. And this is exactly what happened last week, possibly last weekend, when Intel accidentally left open access to complete product launch schedule for desktop, mobile, server and embedded markets. The schedule contains model numbers and detailed introduction dates for the next quarter, along with family product launches up to Q1 2014. The leaked document was discovered by on Sunday. The original PDF file is no longer available, but an HTML version of the file is still in Google cache.

Desktop microprocessors, built on yet unreleased Haswell microarchitecture, are expected from May 27 to June 7. The launch lineup includes Core i7-4765T, i7-4770, i7-4770K, i7-4770S and i7-4770T CPUs, which feature 4 cores and Hyper-Threading technology. These SKUs will come along with Core i5-4430, i5-4430S, i5-4570, i5-4570S, i5-4570T, i5-4670, i5-4670K, i5-4670S and i5-4670T. All i5s have 4 CPU cores without Hyper-Threading, as such they are limited to 4 simultaneously running threads. Additionally, Intel will release B85, Q85, H87, Q87 and Z87 Lynx Point chipsets. It seems from the document that the Haswell NDA expires on June 2, and we may see more information and first official reviews of Haswell products on or after this date.

A week after Haswell NDA is lifted, on June 9, Intel will refresh Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 families. New processors are Celeron G470, Pentium G2030, G2030T, G2120T, G2140, and Core i3-3245, i3-3250 and i3-3250T. Based on our two week old report, future Pentium CPUs will have 100 MHz higher clock speeds compared to current Pentiums. We don't have characteristics of forthcoming Celeron and Core i3s, and we can only presume that they will be similar to currently produced G460 and Core i3-32xx models, albeit with slightly higher clock speeds.

Intel mobile roadmap doesn't have much new information, as it matches one for one previously published reports. According to the reports and the roadmap, Intel Core i7-4700HQ, i7-4700MQ, i7-4702HQ, i7-4702MQ, i7-4930MX, i7-4900MQ, i7-4800MQ will be released from May 27 to June 7. They are are standard-power CPUs with 4 cores, that will replace Core i3-3xxxQM/3xxxXM Ivy Bridge chips. At the same time, Intel will launch HM86, HM87 and QM87 Lynx Point chipsets. Ultra low voltage Core i3-4100U, i3-4010U, i5-4250U, i5-4200U, i7-4650U, i5-4350U, i7-4550U and i7-4500U will be released simultaneously with standard-power mobile Haswell parts. Although we can guess some features of "U" processors, their specifications are not publicly known at this time.

Intel Atom Bay Trail systems-on-a-chip for tablets will be introduced in Q3 2013. Bay Trail-T SoCs are based on 22nm microarchitecture, that supports out-of-order instruction processing. Bay Trail chips have twice as many CPU cores, and substitute PowerVR graphics controller for Ivy Bridge GPU. It's interesting to note that tablet versions of Bay Trail SoCs will be launched much earlier than desktop and mobile counterparts.

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