Intel server and embedded 2014 roadmap

As we already reported today, Intel Launch Update document was leaked last Sunday, revealing company's products launches for the next 5 quarters. We already covered roadmap for desktop and mobile consumer processors in our previous story. Intel also has a few interesting products coming for server and embedded markets.

Last November, Intel announced new line of Xeon Phi coprocessors aimed for high performance computing. The processors, released in PCI-e card form factor, pack up to 60 Pentium-based CPU cores and a large cache on the card. Last year Intel launched three Xeon Phi coprocessors from 5100 series. Five new coprocessors, including 3120A, 3120P, 5120D, 7120P, 7120X, are coming in May 2013.

Intel Xeon families will be switched to new microarchitecture in the course of the next 4 quarters. Launch dates of future Xeon families are identical to dates, that we reported last week. Xeon E3-1200 v3 series, and accompanied C222, C224 and C226 server chipsets, will be released in Q2 2013. They will be followed by Xeon E5-2600 v2 in Q3, and Xeon E7 v2 series in Q4. Preliminary introduction date for E5-4600 v2 and E5-2400 v2 series is Q1 2014.

Xeon E3-1225 v3 and E3-1275 v3 will be available as server and embedded products. Likewise, Core i7-4770S and i5-4570S desktop parts will be offered as embedded processors. On top of that, three embedded-only SKUs are planned for May 27 - June 7 launch. These are low-power Core i5-4570TE, Xeon E3-1268L v3, and i7-4700EQ. The microprocessors will be released along with Q87 desktop, C226 server, and HM86 and QM87 mobile chipsets.

Later this year, Intel is going to release "Avoton" Atom systems-on-a-chip. The parts will employ new 22nm microarchitecture, and pack up to 8 cores per package. The roadmap states that Avoton SoCs will be available in the second half 2013.

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