AMD demonstrates convertible tablets with A6-1450 "Temash" APU

Last week, AMD posted Youtube video, demonstrating Turbo Dock feature and game performance of upcoming "Temash" microprocessors. The demonstration involved two separate reference tablet designs, Compal and Wistron, that can be converted to full-fledged notebooks using a detachable keyboard.

For Turbo Dock technology presentation AMD used a Compal tablet with an A6-1450 quad-core APU. The idea behind Turbo Dock feature is to boost processor and GPU frequencies by large margin when the tablet is inserted into compatible docking system. The dock has a keyboard and port connectors, and, what is more important, it provides additional cooling for the APU. As a result, the A6-1450 processor, that normally operates at 1 GHz, and has HD 8280 GPU clocked at 300 MHz, can run up to 40% faster. The main drawback is that the user needs to tell the system before detaching the tablet. Also, Turbo Dock technology will not be available on another known "Temash" APU, A4-1200.

Game performance of upcoming ultra-low voltage processors was demonstrated on Wistron reference design, playing Torchlight II video game. The game was running at 1920 x 1080 resolution, and visibly was running much smoother than the same game on Atom Z2760-based tablet. The Wistron tablet is also powered by "Temash" quad-core A6-1450 APU, which explains why it was much faster than Intel's Atom dual-core chip with PowerVR graphics. It is important to remember, though, that "Temash" accelerated units will not compete with 32nm Atom microprocessors. By the time tablets with AMD A6-1450 products are released, Intel will be almost ready to release Bay Trail-T chips, that will have up to 4 cores and upgraded graphics.

Source: Youtube

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APU demos

2013-04-09 14:31:17
Posted by: Jon

If you read the text at the very end of the video, both devices are using the same A6-1450 APU.


2013-04-09 14:57:42
Posted by: gshv

The article was corrected. Thank you!

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