Rumored details of embedded Kabini APUs

In January, AMD revealed plans to release three new processor cores, called "Kabini", "Richland", and "Temash". Mobile "Richland" CPUs were introduced in March. Desktop "Richland" processors, together with "Kabini" and "Temash" APUs, will be available in the second quarter. "Temash" and "Kabini" will be aimed at tablet and mobile markets, but there will be also embedded "Kabini" parts. We found some details on three embedded SKUs in specifications of upcoming Mini-ITX motherboard. It is becoming extremely difficult to find any information on unreleased AMD products, therefore we would prefer not to disclose the make and model of this board. We could not confirm these specifications from any other source, therefore please treat them as a rumor.

Specifications for unnamed motherboard include three Kabini "G-Series" microprocessors. On the low-end, it lists a dual-core APU with 1 GHz frequency and 9 Watt TDP. Another dual-core chip will operate at 1.65 GHz, and it will have 15 Watt TDP. On the high-end, there will be a low voltage part with 4 cores, 2 GHz clock frequency and 25 Watt TDP. All processors will support up to 16 GB of DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1866 memory. You may notice that the features of quad-core APU are identical to A10-4655M, the fastest at the moment low-power Trinity chip. Also, we suspect that the characteristics of embedded products will be similar to mobile "Kabini" APUs.

Update: According to the latest version of specifications, the processors support up to 16 GB of memory. We corrected the article. We also have additional information about on-chip GPU for all three parts. The quad-core Accelerated unit has Radeon HD 8400E graphics. The 1 GHz and 1.65 GHz dual-cores have Radeon HD 8310E and Radeon HD 8280E GPUs respectively. The APUs are manufactured in a BGA package.

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