Prices of Haswell desktop CPUs

Intel's Haswell microarchitecture, coming in about 6 weeks, is going to bring new performance improvements to desktop Core i5/i7 lineup. Unlike Ivy Bridge CPUs, that achieved this by tweaking the microarchitecture and raising clock speeds, Haswell microprocessors will get up to 10% better CPU performance owing just to architecture redesign. The specs of Haswell microprocessors will be identical to their Ivy Bridge counterparts, and it seems that the pricing will not change much. According to VR-Zone Chinese Edition, regional prices of Haswell CPUs will not differ from official Intel prices for the third generation Core chips by more than $9. It is important to note that the prices, reported by VR-Zone, are for quantities of 5 boxed processors or more, therefore they are expected to vary from Intel's official prices, that are provided for tray processors in 1K quantities.

Overall, Haswell chips will be available starting at $175 for Core i5-4430, and up to $332 for Core i7-4770K. Regional prices of Core i5-4430, Core i5-4570S and all Core i7s will be a few dollars cheaper than Core i5-3330, i5-3470S and Core i7-3xxx, which gives a hope that the official prices of some Haswell SKUs will be a bit lower.

Haswell modelRegional
Ivy Bridge modelCurrent
official price
Core i5-4430 $175 i5-3330 $182
Core i5-4570 $190 i5-3470 $184
Core i5-4570S $180 i5-3470S $184
Core i5-4670 $209 i5-3570 $205
Core i5-4670K $230 i5-3570K $225
Core i7-4770S $285 i7-3770S $294
Core i7-4770 $292 i7-3770 $294
Core i7-4770K $327 i7-3770K $332

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About Haswell

2013-04-25 03:24:13
Posted by: Rares

Any upgrade from the preview generation is absolutely pointless and this is more overpriced crap from Inhell. Haswell is just dust in your eyes.

See below:

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