AMD cuts prices of desktop CPUs

Earlier this week AMD announced new processors, expanding the line of high-end FX CPUs with quad-core FX-4350 and six-core FX-6350. It's not uncommon for AMD to lower prices when launching new products, and this time it was not an exception. Based on the latest official AMD price list, the company cut prices of ten A-Series and FX-Series chips by as much as 19%.

AMD A6-3600, A8-3800 and A8-3820 socket FM1 APUs had their prices slashed by 12% - 19%. All three parts are not available in retail, as a result not many people would probably care about their price reductions.

AMD A6-5400K, A8-5500, and A8-5600K socket FM2 processors are now $10 less expensive. In relative terms, it corresponds to 10% - 15% lower cost depending on SKU. The prices of FX-4300, FX-6300, and FX-8320 CPUs also dropped by 10% - 15%.

A handful of old Phenom II X4 and X6 microprocessors were removed from the price list, including Phenom II X4 840, 905e, 910e, Phenom II X6 1055T, 1075T, 1090T BE and 1100T BE. The only Phenom II part, that had its price revised, was X4 965 Black Edition. This CPU now costs $81, down from $91.

Here is a full list of new and old prices:

CPU modelOld priceNew priceDifference
A6-3600 $95 $77 18.9%
A8-3800 $105 $91 13.3%
A8-3820 $115 $101 12.2%
A6-5400K $67 $57 14.9%
A8-5500 $101 $91 9.9%
A8-5600K $101 $91 9.9%
FX-4300 $122 $108 11.5%
FX-6300 $132 $112 15.2%
FX-8320 $169 $153 9.5%
Phenom II X4 965 BE $91 $81 11%

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There are 4 comments posted

Holy ....

2013-05-01 05:52:14
Posted by: MEDO

FX 6300 for near ~100USD, that is freikn awesome man....

its also really good with power efficiency, its CPU load is

60W ~ 160W

which is comparable with i7-920, which is not so bad for powerful little cheap chip.

Think about fx-6300 vs phenom II x6 1090T :

fx 6300 better in multi-threaded 5% percent

fx 6300 is much cheaper 1/2 the price

fx 6300 is more efficient the 1090T can reach 200W+ under load

fx 6300 is worse 10% in singe threaded apps

All in all its great win for AMD i reckon i will purchase that CPU soon


2013-05-01 07:58:00
Posted by: Kolo

@Holy there are many wrongs in your post.
The 6300 can't be faster in multithread than the 1090 and slower in singlethread. It's illogical as the 1090 is 100% hexacore and scales much better than the 6300.
The facts are:
FX 6300 is cheaper, matches the 1090 in a lot of tests mostly light threaded or up to 4-5 threads. The singlethread performance is almost the same, but the 6300 is superior in games, is cooler and has a lower power consumption. It's easier to overclock.


2013-05-02 00:13:10
Posted by: Long Tooth - Short Wind

OK...I guess I'll finally do the upgrade dance. The FX-6300 is the one. Upgrading from an x3 710. Now, just waiting for Newegg to update their pricing.

Such a shame for South Africa

2013-05-21 11:20:35
Posted by: Jay

Its just such a shame that in our country prices goes up and we pay pay about over 200 for a $6300 on special ,that is why there is not so many sales ,a 5800k goes for about $211 intel on the other hand for a i3 you pay $166

If the businesses in South Africa could sort this out we could all benefit and there would be more sales to drive prices even lower

With prices going down they bump it even higher in our country

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