New benchmarks of Core i5-4570 and i7-4770K CPUs surfaced

An "admin" user at RedQuasar forum recently posted some benchmarks of Core i5-4570 and Core i7-4770K 4th generation processors, built on Haswell microarchitecture. What makes these benchmarks different from previous authorized and unauthorized Haswell tests is that they involved production versions of CPUs, and not engineering samples. The "admin" user also posted pictures of production i5-4570 and i7-4770K chips with SR14E and SR147 S-spec numbers.

Both Haswell processors were tested using 3DMark11, AIDA64, Super Pi, Cinebench 11.5 and Fritz Chess Benchmark programs. The "admin" user also ran tests on Core i7-3770K, and made an attempt to run them on Core i7-4770K, overclocked to 4.5 GHz. Overclocked 4770K, even with water cooling, was not stable enough to complete Cinebench 11.5, and running more CPU intensive benchmarks like Prime95 was out of the question. It seems that, like their Ivy Bridge predecessors, Haswell CPUs exhibit the same problem operating at high or very high temperatures when overclocked. Nevertheless, the user was able to receive some results for Core i7-4770K @ 4.5GHz, and they are presented in the table below:

BenchmarksCore i7-4770KCore i5-4570KCore i7-3770KCore i7-4770K
3DMark 11 X5085 X4983 X5022 X5013
AIDA64 read 22190 MB/s 20660 MB/s 23247 MB/s 23127 MB/s
AIDA64 write 22673 MB/s 20927 MB/s 20704 MB/s 26125 MB/s
AIDA64 copy 29739 MB/s 28351 MB/s 24907 MB/s 30651 MB/s
Super Pi 9.344 10.187 9.329 8.018
Fritz Chess Benchmark 14398 11476 14683 17461
Cinebench 11.5 CPU 7.82 6.06 7.88
Cinebench 11.5 OpenGL 75.93 68.26 57.74

Looking at the results, one might say that Haswell's CPU performance is pretty much the same as performance of Ivy Bridge counterparts. Haswell chips are slower at reading from memory, but faster at writing to, or copying data in memory. Ivy Bridge-based 3770K was slightly faster in Super Pi, Cinebench 11.5 and Fritz Chess benchmarks. Haswell CPUs do have much higher graphics performance, up to 31% in Cinebench OpenGL test. Lower, than expected, performance of Haswell parts could be attributed to an early motherboard BIOS, and/or a choice of benchmarks. The 4th generation microprocessors should perform better in other tasks, and especially in programs, utilizing new AVX2 and FMA3 instructions.

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There are 8 comments posted

Haswell = Crap

2013-05-09 14:18:23
Posted by: Cunningham

Core i7-4770K being 2% SLOWER in Fritzmark than the i7-3770K ??? SLOWER in Super Pi as well ???

What did the Intel engineers do in the last 12 months?

F*** the dog?

Why believe those benchmarks ?

2013-05-09 15:33:00
Posted by: Thepath

Those results contradicts with results from wccftech

According to wccftech benchmarks, i7 4770 scores 8.55 in cinebench 11.5


2013-05-09 22:12:13
Posted by: gmb

They aren't from wccftech. wccftech exists to copy news from other sites without naming the original source.

This is the test you refer to.!-Check-it-out&p=7418#post7418


2013-05-10 00:35:04
Posted by: A-noob-is

If these are real there is hardly any difference in performance for the CPU itself, I guess only the GPU and memory controller have really been changed, (in preparation for ddr4 maybe?).

Haswell = WIN

2013-05-11 14:31:36
Posted by: voxox-from OCN

The stupefying downward fall of some of the people on the internet just boggles my mind.

These are not official benchmarks and are very likely just made up numbers by IVY owners.

Wait for the official benches and then make a judgement.


2013-05-12 20:54:28
Posted by: DaBeasto

If this is real..... This is a major disappointment. I guess i would keep my hopes up for steamroller(amd) to make a breakthrough with their new architecture. If they manage to get an all around %20 improvement over piledriver or more, they will surely get my money. But as a previous user said. I will wait till i see the official release being benchmarked on video before i believe what i read.

More confirmation of Haswell crap.

2013-05-16 02:15:23
Posted by: Cunningham

The stupefying *ignorance* fall of some of the people on the internet just boggles my mind.

Here is another benchmark from China Daily (google it for yourself):

i7-4770K =

-2.7% in Fritzmark
-3.5% in Winrar
-3.0% in wPrime 32M
-4.6% in wPrime 1024M

All compared to a Core i7-3770K.

But OF COURSE all these numbers are all just made up by Sandy Bridge owners ... ROFL

Haswell is the same chip (including the infamous anti-overclocking insulator) plus some improved, but still crappy on-chip graphics.

Only complete morons will buy it.

little correction

2013-05-16 02:18:04
Posted by: Cunningham

Same as * "Ivy-Bridge" * of course.

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