Future Kabini APUs spotted in HP 255 laptop

AMD introduced first ultra-low power "Kabini" APUs for embedded market last month, and is set to launch consumer "Kabini" products later this quarter. Future ULV processors will employ "Jaguar" 28nm microarchitecture, and have from 2 to 4 CPU cores, paired with HD 8000 series graphics. Details of specific SKUs were sketchy so far, as we only knew model numbers, the number of cores and the size of L2 cache. Several unreleased parts recently appeared in HP 255 notebook datasheet (PDF file), which provides new details on "Kabini" microprocessors.

List of supported Kabini processors in HP 255 laptop datasheet
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The document lists 4 unreleased processors, dual-core E1-2500 and E2-3000, along with quad-core A4-5000 and A6-5200. We reported on E1, E2 and A6 chips in the past, although we did not have full specs for them. The HP 255 datasheet shows clock speeds and GPU models for these APUs, and reveals new A4-5000 SKU.

According to the specs sheet, AMD E1-2500 and E2-3000 APUs have 2 CPU cores and 1 MB L2 cache. The E1-2500 runs at 1.4 GHz, and integrates Radeon HD 8240 GPU. The E2-3000 operates at 1.65 GHz, and has HD 8280 graphics. The clocks of Kabini parts are 5% - 6% lower than clocks of Bobcat-based E1-1500 and E2-2000 processors, but that does not necessarily mean that "Kabini" APUs are slower. It is likely that the difference in clock rate is more than compensated by improvements in the microarchitecture.

AMD A4-5000 and A6-5200 accelerated units double the number of cores to 4, and increase last level cache to 2 MB. The chips are clocked higher then E-Series products, at 1.5 GHz and 2 GHz respectively. The A4-5000 uses HD 8330 graphics, and the A6-5200 comes with integrated Radeon HD 8400.

While the HP document provides additional details, such as clocks and GPU type, there are still a few unknowns. Some of those can be guessed from specifications of embedded "GX" APUs, released last month. The A6-5200 specs looks similar to the GX-420CA, therefore it may have 25 Watt TDP, and 600 MHz GPU frequency. The A4-5000 and E2-3000 are very much alike the GX-415GA and GX-217GA, and they might have 500 MHz and 450 MHz GPU frequencies, and 15 Watt TDP.

Known specifications of "Kabini" APUs are provided below:

ModelCoresFrequencyL2 cacheGraphics
A4-5000 4 1.5 GHz 2 MB Radeon HD 8330
A6-5200 4 2 GHz 2 MB Radeon HD 8400
E1-2500 2 1.4 GHz 1 MB Radeon HD 8240
E2-3000 2 1.65 GHz 1 MB Radeon HD 8280

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