AMD A4-4000 APU is in stores now

In March, we reported about AMD plans to release A4-4000 processor in May, that is right before the official launch of "Richland" 6000-series APUs. The A4-4000 was supposed to have new core revision, and was expected to be priced at $40. The processor recently appeared in stock in several online US shops, including

Image of AMD A4-4000 APU

According to information on the box, the A4-4000 has two CPU cores, operating at 3 GHz. The APU supports Turbo Core technology, that can increase CPU frequency to 3.2 GHz. The box states that the A4-4000 has 512 KB total cache. On the other hand, the digit "3" in the AD4000OKA23HL part number stands for 1 MB L2 cache per module. Also, based on the part number, the APU should have 65 watt TDP. Two things point to new core revision on this model: the last two letters (HL) in the part number, as well as "GB" letters below the part number on the chip itself. Older "Trinity" APUs could be identified by "HJ" part number suffix, and by "GA" letters on the chip. The APU should come with integrated graphics, but it's not clear what type of GPU the A4-4000 has.

AMD A4-4000 processor requires socket FM2. Current retails prices of these boxed APUs start from about $50.

Update (May 14): Apparently, the A4-4000 is now available not only in US, and there are additional details on the specs of this Accelerated unit. According to, the chip has integrated Radeon HD 7480D graphics, clocked at 724 MHz. Based on the specs, the A4-4000 should perform close to A4-5300 in graphics applications, and about 10% - 12% worse in CPU intensive tasks. As a refresher, the A4-5300 was already pretty slow, matching Athlon 64 X2 5400+ performance in multi-threaded CPU tests.

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There are 3 comments posted


2013-05-14 05:46:22
Posted by: Anon

Any links to any reviews?


2013-05-15 17:05:27
Posted by: ppp

Here is one:

I don't understand the point of this, all other Richland APUs will get increased clock rates but this Richland entry-model is even slower than the already slow A4-5300. Why should somebody buy this instead of the coming A4-6300.


2013-05-15 20:05:48
Posted by: Anon

I believe the point is that this will be the cheapest CPU in the lineup. Totally agree that the A4-4000 isn't a good 'bang for buck' option for the normal user.

The cheapest CPU often wins out when you're doing massive purchases (say hundreds or thousands of CPUs) and it gives great upgradability over the F2 platform.

In some budget HTPC or MAME/MESS situations this might be a great win.

The review states that it uses less wattage in idle/load (well, duh, it's not as fast) so that can also be a consideration.

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