Unreleased Pentium and Xeon Phi parts emerge on the Intel website

Several unreleased processors and co-processors were added to Intel's Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database in the last day or two. Listed Pentium microprocessors are G2030 and G2140, and Xeon Phi cards are 3120A, 3120P, 7120P and 7120X. The listing doesn't reveal much, besides tray and product part numbers of Pentium CPUs and Xeon Phi co-processors, but it can be considered as a confirmation of their impending release:

Part numbers of Pentium CPUs and Xeon Phi co-processors in the Intel MDDS database
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Pentium G2030 will have BX80637G2030 and BXC80637G2030 box part numbers, and SR163 S-spec number. Box part numbers of the Pentium G2140 CPU are BX80637G2140 and BXC80637G2140, and it has SR0YT S-Spec number. In addition to these two chips, Intel also plans to release low power G2030T and G2120T microprocessors. Their box numbers are not in the MDDS database, which could be an indication that, like currently produced Pentium G2020T and G2100T, the future "T" CPUs will not be available as boxed products.

Xeon Phi parts, listed in the database, are SC3120A, SC3120P, SC7120P and SC7120X, and they correspond to models 3120A, 3120P, 7120P and 7120X respectively. Intel website also mentions SC7120PPP and SC7120XPP part numbers, and it's not clear how they differ from SC7120P and SC7120X SKUs.

We already published specifications of future Pentium and Xeon Phi products in the past, and we included them below for your convenience:

ModelCores /
Pentium G2030 2 / 2 3 GHz 512 KB 3 MB HD 650 / 1050 MHz 55 Watt
Pentium G2140 2 / 2 3.3 GHz 512 KB 3 MB HD 650 / 1050 MHz 55 Watt
Xeon Phi 3120A 57 / 228 1.1 GHz 28.5 MB 300 Watt
Xeon Phi 3120P 57 / 228 1.1 GHz 28.5 MB 300 Watt
Xeon Phi 7120P 61 / 244 1.25 GHz 30.5 MB 300 Watt
Xeon Phi 7120X 61 / 244 1.25 GHz 30.5 MB 300 Watt

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Xeon Phi

2013-05-21 16:07:58
Posted by: Valentin Nielsen

So one Phi-core can handle 4 threads? A new improved Hyperthreading is coming?

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