Intel to launch Celeron N2805, N2810 and N2910 CPUs ... again

One month ago Intel's official price list was updated with three new ultra low voltage mobile products, that had model numbers N2805, N2810 and N2910. The processors were manufactured on 22nm technology and branded as Celerons, but some of their features suggested that they were not based on Ivy Bridge or Haswell architecture. Specifically, Celeron N2910 had 4 CPU cores, which is very unusual for presumably budget processor. Additionally, the N2805, N2810 and N2910 models numbers were more appropriate for Atom family, than for mobile Celerons. For these reasons we concluded that the N2800 and N2900 series parts were based on 22nm Atom Silvermont microarchitecture, which, coincidentally, was planned to launch in Q3 2013.

Intel didn't launch Celeron N2xxx 22nm processors in May. Apparently, they were added by mistake, and the official price list was quickly replaced by a new version without N2805, N2810 and N2900 chips. Today the processors were added back with exactly the same specifications as we posted before. The Celeron N2805 and N2810 SKUs will have 2 CPU cores and 1 MB of level 2 cache. The N2910 doubles the number of cores to 4, and the size of L2 cache to 2 MB. The processors are clocked from 1.46 GHz to 2 GHz, and lack Hyper-Threading support. All three models are priced at $132:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyLast level cachePrice
N2805 2 2 1.46 GHz 1 MB $132
N2810 2 2 2.00 GHz 1 MB $132
N2910 4 4 1.60 GHz 2 MB $132

We hope that this time around Intel will indeed launch the new chips.

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