AMD leaks model numbers of future Kabini APUs

Yesterday AMD released Catalyst Windows 8.1 Preview driver, that offers compatibility with the latest APUs and graphics cards, and adds support for new features, like Wireless Display, Aggressive V-sync and a few others. The most interesting part in the driver release is a Feature Highlights document with a list of supported Accelerated Processing Units, that contains model numbers of all company's Kabini APUs, including several unreleased ones. The document also lists many known Richland, Temash and Trinity products, but there are no surprises there.

AMD currently ships 5 Kabini dual- and quad-core models, branded as A6-, A4- or E-Series, depending on their feature-set. At this time the A6 series includes A6-5200 SKU with 4 CPU cores. According to the document, the company prepares A6-5250 and A6-5350 microprocessors, supposedly also with 4 CPU cores. The A4-Series contains A4-5000 quad-core APU, and AMD plans to add two more models to this family, A4-5100 and A4-5150.

AMD E1-Series, which is currently comprised of E1-2100 and E1-2500 parts, will be expanded with E1-2200, E1-2600 and E1-2650 products. Finally, an E2-3000 processor will be succeeded by an E2-3100. All currently available E-Series products have 2 CPU cores, and we suspect that future APUs from the same series will also come with 2 cores.

Specifications of unreleased processors are not known at this time.

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There are 3 comments posted


2013-06-28 15:43:41
Posted by: vvl

A4-5000 is quad-core APU.


2013-06-28 15:55:34
Posted by: gshv

I fixed it. Thank you for the correction!

a4-5100 is here?

2013-11-02 14:07:02
Posted by: miknieto

according to site product page, a4-5100 is a 50Mhz upgrade to a4-5000

www. amd. com/us/products/notebook/processors/a-series/Pages/laptop-apus.aspx#2

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