AMD prepares A10-6700T and A8-6500T APUs

AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Units are inexpensive all-around processors, that perform well in graphics applications, while offering sufficient CPU performance for basic home and office tasks. Currently the A-series includes a variety of chips with dual- and quad-core options, unlocked clock multiplier, and a few different types of integrated graphics. The only thing missing is availability of energy-efficient APUs with TDP lower than 65 Watt, but that may change soon. Recently TweakPC spotted A8-6500T and A10-6700T "Richland"-based Accelerated Units, rated at 45 Watt. The processors were discovered in CPU support lists of MSI socket FM2 motherboards, like this one.

Because the APUs belong to A10 and A8 Series, they should have 4 CPU cores, which is confirmed by the first digit "4" in their AD650TYHA44HL and AD670TYHA44HL part numbers. The A8-6500T and A10-6700T chips have 4 MB L2 cache, and operate at 2.1 GHz and 2.5 GHz respectively. The support list does not provide maximum Turbo Core frequencies for these processors. Both chips come with integrated graphics unit, clocked at 720 MHz. The A8-6500T has HD8550D graphics, whereas the A10-6700T has HD 8650D GPU. Based on the MSI support list, it seems that microprocessors will be compatible with socket FM2 motherboards, that support "Richland" products. Launch date of low-power APUs is not known. It is also not known whether they will be available as boxed processors or not.

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