AMD confirms Kaveri availability in 2014

In a statement to VR-Zone news site, AMD last week confirmed that Kaveri processors will be available in early Q1 2014. Kaveri is the name of the next core, that will be utilized by desktop and mobile Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). The core will be based on Steamroller microarchitecture, which is supposed to fix efficiency issues in current Piledriver processors, and is expected to improve performance by 30% in CPU-intensive tasks. Kaveri parts will also integrate GCN graphics, and support Heterogeneous System Architecture. With enhancements like that, it is obvious that the products are highly anticipated. The APUs were expected to launch in 2013, but at the end of last month VR-Zone reported about possible delay of Kaveri processors until mid-February 2014. In response to the article, AMD stated the following:

AMD’s 'Kaveri' high-performance APU remains on track and will start shipping to customers in Q4 2013, with first public availability in the desktop component channel very early in Q1 2014.


Mobile 'Kaveri' products will be available later in the first half of 2014.

Although the statement claims that the Kaveri is on track, this contradicts to AMD official roadmap, linked from company's investors page:

AMD desktop roadmap for 2013
Click on the image to zoom

Currently, the roadmap document shows that both desktop and mobile Kaveri APUs are 2013 products.

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There are 4 comments posted

Bad Title

2013-08-13 20:45:00
Posted by: Adi

Its Kaveri, not Kavery :P


2013-08-13 21:16:52
Posted by: gshv

I changed the title. Thank you for the correction!


2013-08-18 17:56:07
Posted by: Gustavo Vanni

Any news if this delay was caused by a change to 20nm fabrication process?

'Cause that would be awesome!


2013-08-20 02:56:11
Posted by: computer noob

no thats Carizo(i think) Kaveri's replacement its due out about the same time as bordwell from intel (due to delays)but Carizo might be delayed too so 2015 looks good for competition if it goes off with a hich

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