Upcoming Core i3 and Pentium Haswell CPUs are available for pre-order

At Computex show earlier this year Intel launched first desktop microprocessors, built on Haswell microarchitecture. The initial wave of desktop chips was comprised mostly of quad-core products, priced between $180 and $400. The next wave of Haswell processors is coming in September. It is expected that Intel will release full range of Pentium and Core i3 SKUs, that will replace currently available Ivy Bridge-based Pentium and Core i3 models. We will also see a few new processors in Core i5 and i7 families, including Core i5-4440, i5-4440S and Core i7-4771. Some of the aforementioned CPUs already appeared for pre-order in a number of online US stores. One of the stores, ShopBLT, currently lists all standard-power versions of Haswell unreleased processors ranging from Pentium G3220 to Core i7-4771:

Pre-order prices of Intel Pentium and Core i3 Haswell CPUs

Pentium G3220, G3420 and G3430 CPUs have pre-order prices of $70.61, $90.18 and $100.26, that almost exactly match the prices of Ivy Bridge-based G2030, G2130 and G2140 SKUs in the same store. It is important to note that the specifications of G32xx and G34xx parts are identical to the specs of G20x0 and G21x0 products, therefore all performance improvements in Haswell Pentiums will be due to architecture and GPU enhancements.

Core i3-4130, i3-4330 and i3-4340 are currently listed for $136.85, $154.75 and $165.94. The 4130 and 4330 cost about the same as similarly clocked Core i3-3240 and i3-3250 in the ShopBLT store. The i3-4340 has 100 MHz higher clock speed than the fastest Core i3 CPU with Ivy Bridge core, which may explain its slightly higher price. In addition to better microarchitecture, the i3-43x0 series will have larger L3 cache, and all Haswell Core i3s will offer faster integrated GT2 graphics.

Core i5-4440 is priced at $197. The processor is supposed to succeed Core i5-4430, which is also listed at $197. Pre-order price of the Core i7-4771 CPU is $334, or $8 more expensive than the i7-4770 from the same seller.

Below is a summary of known specifications and pre-order prices of upcoming CPUs:

ModelCores /
Frequency /
Pentium G3220 2 / 2 3 GHz 3 MB HD 1100 MHz 54W $70.61
Pentium G3420 2 / 2 3.2 GHz 3 MB HD 1100 MHz 54W $90.18
Pentium G3430 2 / 2 3.3 GHz 3 MB HD 1100 MHz 54W $100.26
Core i3-4130 2 / 4 3.4 GHz 3 MB HD 4400 1150 MHz 54W $136.85
Core i3-4330 2 / 4 3.5 GHz 4 MB HD 4600 1150 MHz 54W $154.75
Core i3-4340 2 / 4 3.6 GHz 4 MB HD 4600 1150 MHz 54W $165.94
Core i5-4440 4 / 4 3.1 / 3.3 GHz 6 MB HD 4600 1100 MHz 84W $197.26
Core i7-4771 4 / 8 3.5 / 3.9 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 1200 MHz 84W $333.77

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HD4400 for i3-4330/4340

2013-08-29 01:24:18
Posted by: JC

i thought all i3 r having HD4400!

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