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Intel plans to expand Xeon Phi 3100 and 5100 series in 2014

Intel Xeon Phi line of coprocessors was announced last November, and it initially consisted of a few SKUs from mid-range 5100 and high-end 7100 families. One of the first Xeon Phi models was 5110P, that packed 60 Pentium-like x86 compatible cores, and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM on a PCI-Express card. The co-processor was clocked at 1.053 GHz, and delivered double-precision performance of slightly more than 1 TFLOPS. The Xeon Phi 5100 and 7100 families were expanded in January, and Intel also launched 31xx cards for compute-bound applications. The 3100 series had "only" 57 cores, and the size of on-board memory was reduced to 6 GB. The next expansion of the Xeon Phi family is planned for 2014, when Intel is going to release new 31xx and 51xx products, featuring larger size of on-board memory.

New 31xx cards will come with 12 GB of RAM, or twice as much of on-board RAM as current Xeon Phi 3120A and 3120P coprocessors. The rest of the specifications will not change. The parts will have 57 cores, run at 1.1 GHz, and have 300 Watt TDP. The GDDRR5 memory will have an effective memory speed of 5 GT/s. There will be two 31xx co-processors, one with active cooling, and another with passive cooling.

Future Xeon Phi 51xx SKUs will double the size of RAM to 16 GB. Intel plans to keep the rest of the specs unchanged from 5110P and 5120D products. The 60-core cards will operate at 1.053 GHz. The 51xx with passive cooling will be rated at 225 Watt TDP, and will have effective memory speed of 5 GT/s. The 51xx coprocessor in dense form factor will have 245 Watt TDP, and offer effective memory speed of 5.5 GT/s:

ModelCoresFrequencyRAMRAM speedTDP
Xeon Phi 31xx with active cooling 57 1.1 GHz 12 GB 5 GT/s 300 Watt
Xeon Phi 31xx with passive cooling 57 1.1 GHz 12 GB 5 GT/s 300 Watt
Xeon Phi 51xx with passive cooling 60 1.05 GHz 16 GB 5 GT/s 225 Watt
Xeon Phi 51xx in dense form factor 60 1.05 GHz 16 GB 5.5 GT/s 245 Watt

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