Intel Xeon E7 SKUs to launch in Q1 2014

Earlier this month we published some details on Intel Xeon E7 microprocessors, coming in Q1 2014. The processors for 2-way, 4-way and 8-way systems will be branded as Xeon E7-2800 v2, E7-4800 v2 and E7-8800 v2, and will be built on Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. Besides new architecture, the CPU will feature up to 15 cores, up to 37.5 MB of last level cache, and support for larger amounts of physical memory. They will also add DMI 2.0 and PCI-Express 3.0 interfaces. All in all, Intel is going to release 19 standard-power and frequency optimized E7 SKUs, along with two low-power Xeon E7 processors.

Upcoming basic SKU is Xeon E7-4809 v2, and it will replace Xeon E7-2803 and E7-4807. New standard models are E7-2850 v2, E7-4820 v2, E7-4830 v2, E7-4850 v2 and E7-8850 v2, and they will take place of Xeon E7-x820, E7-x830 and E7-x840. Advanced Xeon E7-x850, E7-x860 and E7-x870 microprocessors will be succeeded by E7-2870 v2, E7-2880 v2, E7-2890 v2, E7-4860 v2, E7-4870 v2, E7-4880 v2, E7-4890 v2, E7-8870 v2, E7-8880 v2 and E7-8890 v2. Additionally, Intel is going to introduce 4 segment optimized versions, Xeon E7-8857 v2, E7-8880L v2, E7-8891 v2 and E7-8893 v2. There will be also low power Xeon E7-8888L v2 CPU for ultra dense servers. Unfortunately, we do not have specifications of these processors yet.

The CPUs will be released in Q1 2014, and will work with C602J chipset, coupled with C102/C104 SMBs (Scalable Memory Buffers).

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