Intel refreshes Bay Trail-M CPU lineup

In September Intel launched the latest generation of "Bay Trail-M" ultra low voltage processors for netbooks and mobile devices. New mobile CPUs, branded this time as Celeron and Pentium, offered up to 2x times better CPU performance, and up to 3x time faster graphics, while operating in the same power envelope as their "Cedar Trail" predecessors. As if those improvements were not enough, Intel this week refreshed Bay Trail-M lineup, releasing faster versions of Celeron and Pentium products. We already reported on some of them, including Celeron N2806, N2815, N2820 and N2920, but we missed some details because we did not have complete specifications. Now that the processors are released, we have a few important additions to our previous report. Most parts not only have higher clock speeds than N2805, N2810 and N2910 SKUs, launched in September, but also have Burst Performance technology enabled. Another enhancement is higher maximum operating temperature, which eases cooling requirements. Finally, in addition to 4 N28xx/N29xx Celerons Intel also released Pentium N2920.

New dual-core "May Trail-M" microprocessors are Celeron N2806, N2815 and N2820. They operate at frequencies from 1.6 GHz to 2.13 GHz, and have the maximum burst speed ranging from 2 GHz to 2.39 GHz. The processors come with 1 MB L2 cache, Ivy Bridge graphics clocked at 311 MHz and up to 756 MHz, and support for DDR3L-1066 memory. The N2806 has 4.5 Watt TDP (4.3 Watt according to other sources). The N2815 and N2820 have 7.5 Watt TDP. All Celeron N28xx processors are priced at $132.

Two new quad-core microprocessors are Celeron N2920 and Pentium N3520. The CPUs have 2 MB L2 cache, and run at 1.86 GHz and 2.17 GHz respectively, with burst frequencies reaching 2 GHz and 2.42 GHz. Both parts integrate Ivy Bridge graphics, that can be clocked as high as 854 MHz (844 MHz on the Celeron). The Celeron supports DDR3L-1066 memory, and the Pentium also supports 1333 MHz memory data rate. The processors fit into 7.5 Watt power envelope. The official prices of Celeron N2920 and Pentium N3520 are $132 and $180.

We already mentioned that new ULV microprocessors have a few improvements over the first "Bay Trail-M" products, and the summary of these improvements you will find in the table below. As can be seen from the table, this week's refresh is more than just a speed bump, as many models now up to 20% faster in CPU intensive applications, and have improved GPU performance on top of that:

Celeron N2806 N2805 +133MHz base clock / +533MHz maximum clock / +89 MHz maximum GPU frequency
Celeron N2815 N2810 -133MHz base clock / +133MHz maximum clock
Celeron N2820 N2810 +133MHz base clock / +390MHz maximum clock
Celeron N2920 N2910 +260MHz base clock / +400 MHz maximum clock / +88MHz maximum GPU frequency
Pentium N3520 N3510 +170MHz base clock / +420MHz maximum clock / +104MHz maximum GPU frequency

Specifications of just released "Bay Trail-M" processors:

ModelCores /
Frequency /
Celeron N2806 2 / 2 1.6 / 2 GHz 1 MB 311 / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 4.5W $132
Celeron N2815 2 / 2 1.86 / 2.13 GHz 1 MB 311 / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5W $132
Celeron N2820 2 / 2 2.13 / 2.39 GHz 1 MB 311 / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5W $132
Celeron N2920 4 / 4 1.86 / 2 GHz 2 MB 311 / 844 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5W $132
Pentium N3520 4 / 4 2.17 / 2.42 GHz 2 MB 313 / 854 MHz DDR3L-1333 7.5W $180

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