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Broadwell-K socket 1150 CPUs to feature GT3 graphics

Next year Intel is going to refresh existing Haswell lineup, and introduce two 9-series chipsets, Z97 and H97. Closer to the end of the year the company will also launch first desktop "Broadwell" microprocessors, codenamed Broadwell-K, for socket 1150 platform. As the name suggests, the processors will have unlocked clock multiplier. Perhaps, the most interesting feature of new products will be Iris Pro (GT3) graphics with integrated 128 MB eDRAM memory, which will allow new CPUs to boost graphics performance by more than 80% compared to the Core i7-4770K. Other GPU-related technologies, such as Quick sync and transcoding, will be also faster on Broadwell-K chips than on Haswell counterparts.

Broadwell-K processors will have 4 CPU cores and support Turbo Boost technology. There will be Core i5 and i7 versions of these products. Core i7 parts will come with 6 MB L3 cache, and will have Hyper-Threading enabled. Core i5 microprocessors will have 4 MB of level 3 cache, and no Hyper-Threading. The CPUs will be compatible with 9-series chipsets, however 8-series chipsets will not validated with Broadwell-K chips. The processors should be available after Holiday Refresh 2014.

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There are 10 comments posted


2013-11-20 05:45:26
Posted by: Gonzales

The CPU performance boost might be small again, but new Iris Pro looks promising.


2013-11-20 10:22:50
Posted by: gmb

+80% to what? On Haswell Iris Pro already is 80-100% faster than GT2 variants.


2013-11-20 11:05:30
Posted by: Gonzales

+80% over Haswell GT3 I believe. That's why I'm saying it is promising.


2013-11-20 13:00:15
Posted by: gshv

80%+ over Core i7-4770K


2013-11-20 16:42:01
Posted by: ark

Prove it. There is no source and nothing.


2013-12-02 21:14:58
Posted by: rel

Haswell GT3e is already 60-70% faster (desktop 65W version with 1300 Mhz) than Haswell GT2, means 80% seems unlikely for a full powered Broadwell GT3e. Looks to me 80% is referred to Haswell GT3e over Haswell GT2. But this also means that GT3e for Broadwell-K could be wrong.

Short lived?

2013-11-20 14:36:28
Posted by: mganai

I'll bet these will be as short lived as the 655K and 875K were.

There should also be some additional gain over the current Iris Pro as well, I hope. Won't Broadwell mostly refine the IGP?


2013-11-20 14:49:34
Posted by: gmb

It would mean that Broadwell GT3 is basically just as fast as Haswell GT3e. That's a huge disappointment. I still doubt it. But if it is indeed true it could mean there is a GT4 coming for AIO and some mobile.

More APUs

2014-02-01 13:55:02
Posted by: Jay

Once again, Intel following AMD's APU path. The 5770K doesn't need more graphics, it needs to continue improving the CPU design. It's the same thing I say about AMD's APUs.

It's funny when people think Intel doesn't have an APU. I'll wait for Haswell Extreme and the new X99 "Halo" platform. I don't really want an APU for my CPU.

Integration on the CPU

2014-07-24 14:50:08
Posted by: Dave

Have you realized the explosion of the mobile market is calling for more (higher-performing) graphics applications, especially on Tablets and super-small form factors?

These 1150-socket Broadwells are akin to the mobo-integrated chips of today with mobile-SKU Haswell cprocessors.

Integrated graphics makes the business money and improves the overall experience for next-gen phablets. If you're only focused on the K/X-SKU'd 2011-3 sockets for enthusiast performance, you're complaining about the wrong iteration of this processor family.

Wait for the 6930K and 6960X before passing judgment on Broadwell's 14nm process.

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