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New AMD desktop roadmap: Carrizo APUs in 2015, no new FX CPUs

AMD updated their official roadmap last month, and announced "Kaveri", "Beema" and "Mullins" desktop and mobile processors coming next year. A bit more information about AMD desktop plans for the next two years emerged in a leaked roadmap slide, posted in According to the slide, AMD prepares to launch Kaveri and Beema APUs in 2014. Also in 2014, AMD will introduce "Kabini" processors for socket FS1b. A successor to Kaveri, codenamed "Carrizo", will be available in 2015.

AMD Kaveri APUs are expected to have "SteamrollerB" CPU cores, and Next generation Radeon graphics unit. Standard features of these chips will be 65 Watt and 95 Watt power options, and support for configurable TDP. The processors will work with DDR3 memory, and will come with PCI-e 3.0 interface. Kaveri parts will be compatible with forthcoming socket FM2+ motherboards, built around A78 or A88X chipsets. In 2015, Kaveri APUs will be replaced by Carrizo products, featuring "Excavator" CPU cores and lower 65 Watt TDP. Carrizo microprocessors will be produced in the same package as Kaveri chips, and should be compatible with socket FM2+.

The slide does not contain any new details about "Beema" desktop systems on a chip. As was already reported in November, Beema APUs will be based on "Puma+" CPU cores and the next generation AMD graphics. The chips will integrate FCH logic, and will be produced in the FT3 BGA package.

Based on the slide, AMD FX "Vishera" CPUs will be available up until the end of 2015. The roadmap shows that AMD does not plan Steamroller- or Excavator-based high performance socket AM3+ processors in 2014 / 2015, which means that current FX-9000 CPUs could be the last released models for this platform.

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There are 2 comments posted

FAke roadmap

2013-12-11 03:16:39
Posted by: Tomas Müller

According to a article by the roadmap is fake.

AMD Fusion going Bobcat happy

2013-12-23 03:10:04
Posted by: Amd fan UK

AMD Fusion going Bobcat happy 2014/15.
Some day i like to go faster than just 4.8/5ghz per-core
on a real desktop not this apu bs..
Happy Holidays

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