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Pre-order prices of upcoming AMD Kaveri and Richland APUs

AMD is getting ready to launch in January two Kaveri Accelerated Processing Units, that, by some reports, should boost both CPU and GPU performance by up to 20% - 30% compared to A10-6000 series APUs. Model numbers and specifications of new Kaveri processors emerged last week, and the A10-7700K and A10-7850K chips are now available for pre-order in US. Based on the pre-order prices, the processors are $12 - $34 more expensive than boxed A10-6800K products. What's more, unheard of before A4-6320 and A6-6420K dual-core APUs are also available for pre-order.

AMD A10-7000 series processors have 4 "Steamroller" CPU cores, 4 MB L2 cache and 95 Watt Thermal Design Power. The A10-7700K has the maximum Turbo Core frequency of 3.8 GHz, and from earlier reports we also know that it integrates R7 series GPU with 384 Radeon cores. The pre-order price of this part is $167. The flagship A10-7850K has 200 MHz higher maximum Turbo Core speed, and has the number of Radeon cores increased to 512. Being faster, it is also more expensive. The chip is priced at $189, which suggests that its official price could be higher than the current price of the A10-6800K ($142).

New dual-core A4-6320 and A6-6420K microprocessors are based on older "Piledriver" architecture. Both chips come with 1 MB L2 cache and 65 Watt TDP. The A6-6420K offers 100 MHz higher maximum Turbo Core speed than the A6-6400K, and we suspect that its base frequency is also 100 MHz higher. The A4-6320 is listed with 3.9 GHz maximum clock, that is the same as the A4-6300, which is either incorrect, or the APU has some other enhancement or enhancements that make it faster than its predecessor. Pre-order prices of the A4-6320 and A6-6420K are $57.30 and $78.50, and those are very close to current prices of A4-6300 and A6-6400K in the same store.

All new processors should work in socket FM2+ motherboards. Since future dual-core Richland and quad-core Kaveri parts were listed simultaneously, we suspect that they will be launched together. Listed below is a summary of APU specifications:

ModelCoresFrequency /
L2 cacheGraphicsGPU
A4-6320 2 No data / 3.9 GHz 1 MB HD 8000 series No data 65W $57.30
A6-6420K 2 4 / 4.2 GHz 1 MB HD 8000 series No data 65W $75.85
A10-7700K 4 3.5 / 3.8 GHz 4 MB R7 series 720 MHz 95W $167
A10-7850K 4 3.7 / 4 GHz 4 MB R7 series 720 MHz 95W $189.24

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2013-12-16 10:29:57
Posted by: Derek

I wonder if these prices include BF4 that is supposed to ship along with it?

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